5 Signs That Say You are in Need of a Chimney Sweep

Posted by All Vent and Duct on January 23rd, 2020

The chimney can buildup soot and creosote overtime. The more often you use your fireplace in the winter, the more likely your chimney is to become dirty and grimy. Getting a Chimney Sweeping in Kamloops should be done once a year to ensure that your entire heating system is working efficiently. If soot builds up in your chimney in Kamloops, you could end up with a poorly-functioning heating system.

Here are some signs that say you are in need of chimney sweeping in Kamloops:

1. You have trouble starting or keeping a fire

When there is a poor airflow in your chimney due to the buildup of particles, it can prevent your fireplace from working effectively. It can manifest in having difficulty starting a fire to having difficulty in maintaining the fire for hours. The key to ensuring faster burning of fire is to maintain good airflow in the system.

2. You can detect a strong odor coming from the chimney or from the fireplace.

Another indication that you could have a dirty chimney problem is an unwanted smell. Don’t disregard this problem and get your chimney cleaned right away because this can indicate a difficulty for air to flow up your home. This might mean harmful and odorless gases such as carbon monoxide could be permeating in your home.

3. You notice a buildup of grease on the walls of the chimney.

This grease could be a combination of creosote and soot. They are a natural buildup that happens over time and will need to be removed or you could be burning harmful substances in the air you are breathing. The presence of creosote also increases the likelihood of a chimney fire.

Check the walls of your chimney. Is there are thick buildup there? Does your hand come away greasy? If so, you need to have your chimney cleaned already.

4. Your fireplace emits smoke while burning wood.

This can indicate a blockage in the chimney, particularly in the shaft. It could mean there is something that has built up near the shaft such as a bird’s nest or even dead leaves. If you have trees nearby, a stray tree branch could have gotten in there as well.

5. You can literally hear animals in your chimney.

Birds like to take up residence on top of the chimney and build a nest there. If you can hear bird sounds, check to see if this is already a problem.

Chimney sweeping should be done regularly to avoid these problems. Before the start of the winter season, it is ideal to get the help of experts from All Vent & Duct to have your chimney inspected. An expert can check your chimney for signs of dirt and determine the best way to get rid of these problems.

Ryan Johnson is the author of this article. For more details about Chimney in Kamloops please visit our website: https://allventduct.com/

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