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Try Signal App To Prevent Your Data from Being Compromised By Using Multiple App

Posted by nikijohns on January 23rd, 2020

With the introduction of multiple instant messaging platforms, data privacy and security becomes a myth these days. The developers of instant messaging platforms play with users’ data by selling / sharing data to / with 3rd party applications / companies. Not only this, their platforms are also vulnerable and lacking many advanced features due to which every now and then hackers attack and steal users’ data.

The time has come when we all together have to find a solution of users’ data breach. We must find and install such an app which is fast, simple and secure.

When it comes to data privacy and security, the only name that stands apart from the crowd is Signal App. It is the only app which is fast, easy to use and most importantly, secured.

Signal App does not store users’ data virtually on its server, be it contacts or messages. Moreover, all the messages sent or received over Signal App are encrypted which means no one can read them including app’s developers. Signal App’s features have been explained below in great detail.

Signal is an open source application which means App’s core codes are available to experts so that they can test and analyze codes in order to find bugs in the App. In this way, App’s security will be improved and user experience will be enriched. Though it is the only Open source messaging app but it is capable in keeping the messages and calls secure.It is designed using OS friendly codes so that after installation it performs faster even in the most forced environment possible. Using Signal, texts can be sent and received instantly in real time without any loss of time.With Signal, encrypted group chats are possible. At one time, users can have secured group chat with a number of friends.Signal is a cross-platform encrypted instant messaging app which means messages can be sent from any device and can be received to any different device. It is available for both Android and iPhone users. Its desktop version is also available for Mac, Windows and Debian – based linux.

In present scenario, Signal is the only app which is secured, free and works on most-advanced encryption technology ever made. World class data privacy and security advocates / researchers like Edward Snowden and Brian Acton have praised as well as accepted that when it comes to keeping the digital communications private, Signal app tops the list of messaging apps.

A researcher at the Applied Crypto Group at Stanford University, Joseph Bonneau said “The default recommendation you’ll get from most security researchers for a messaging app is Signal.” “It is the best in the field.” whereas Laura Poitras, an Oscar-winning filmmaker and Journalist said “Signal is the most scalable encryption tool we have. It is free and peer reviewed. I encourage people to use it everyday.”

Recently, the developer of Signal App ‘Open Whisper Systems’, a non-profit organization, revealed that after Trumps election popularity of App has been increased which reflects how much American citizens are worried about their personal privacy.

A message sent in Signal app reaches to the recipient along with a cryptographic key which means only recipient can decode and read the message. Neither Government Agency nor Open Whisper Systems can read a user’s message as Signal’s servers do not store cryptographic keys.

Signal App is exclusively backed by most-advanced E2EE encryption feature. It is so secured that biggest tech companies like Wickr, iMessages, WhatsApp etc. have adopted its encryption protocol.

App also comes with self destructing messages feature which means App delete messages automatically once configured time is over. This feature is very useful at the time of having sensitive or confidential conversations over Signal App.

Signal app also features many advanced security options like auto lock, incognito mode for 3rd party keyboard apps etc.

So if you want your digital communications stay private and secured forever then use Signal App now. You would love using it.

Don’t wait anymore and Download Signal Now!

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