Facts related to Ontario Trillium Benefit

Posted by Accufile  on January 23rd, 2020

For the benefit of those who are unaware about Ontario Trillium Benefit (OTB), it is a refundable tax credit, which is designed for assisting families with low income. Ontario Trillium Benefit is a combination of three tax credits into one single payment:

. Ontario Sales Tax Credit

. Northern Ontario Energy Credit

. Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit

All the above mentioned credits are funded by Province of Ontario with the Canada Revenue Agency. All the direct payments which are issued and displayed in your account activity are considered as “Canada Pro”.

Eligibility criteria for Ontario Trillium Benefit

Any person, who is eligible for the Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit, Sales Tax Credit and the Northern Energy Credit, can claim the Ontario Trillium Benefit. One can choose from monthly or annual payment options. Monthly payment option allows you to receive your payment earlier and on regular basis. The annual option is paid as a lump sum amount at the end of every financial year. However, for people who receives this benefit is lower than 0, it is only annual payment option for them. To be able to exercise the Ontario Trillium Benefit, which is paid in July, benefactors need to file their tax returns by 30 April, if not the payment can be delayed.    You can easily file taxes online with the help of a professional.

Criteria for receiving the Ontario Trillium Benefit

. One has to file a tax return, irrespective of whether they have any income or not, in order to take advantage of the OTB.

. Fill in the form ON-BEN (Application for Ontario Trillium Benefit and Ontario Senior Homeowners’ Property Tax Grant). Any person failing to include ON-BEN form with their tax returns will be required to file an adjustment on their returns via CRA My Account.

. Applying for Ontario Trillium Benefit year after year is essential, for reasons that, your eligibility is directly related to your family’s net income. Any changes in factors like family income, residence address, family status or your age, can result in modification of your eligibility status.

Families with low income or middle income group families, paying property tax, energy tax, sales tax or goods and service tax, are offered assistance by the Ontario Trillium Benefit credit. Persons applying for Ontario Trillium Benefit, need to qualify by having paid property tax, energy tax, living expenses for a nursing home or rent on their principal residence in Ontario. Your family’s net income for the last year also plays an instrumental role in deciding on your eligibility for Ontario Trillium Benefit. 

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