3 Super-Easy Ways Towards a More Sustainable Office Space

Posted by Candor TechSpace on January 23rd, 2020

There are more than one or two reasons to switch towards a more sustainable working environment. A - it is extremely good for the environment and a part of CSR to give it back to the nature; B – it brings down the overheads incurred on energy costs; C – it drives immense satisfaction and improves health of your staff, and D – it attracts potential customers who are looking to do business with likeminded companies.

Candor TechSpace, a leading office solutions provider with commercial offices for rent in Noida and Gurgaon, drives on creating excellent workspaces that are prone to be environmentally sustainable.

Here are some simple and easily doable changes a brand can adopt to make office more environmentally sustainable:

Switch to Paperless Environment

Most leading organizations and brands have already switched to paperless or minimum paper environment. We understand that for some businesses, cutting paper entirely might not be an option, which is why, printing paper on both sides and recycling the used paper gets all the more essential.

In case your printed data is sensitive, have a shredding machine that makes sure the information on the paper is completely destroyed before recycling it. always make sure you’re sourcing recycled paper from sustainable sources and also switch to toner-saving settings for internal documents that don’t need to have high quality.

Energy Conservation

  • Make sure your office temperature is balanced rightly with comfort and cost with thermostat a few degrees lower in winters and higher in summers.
  • Switch off the heating and cooling in areas that aren’t inhabited by employees, like storage area.
  • Go with sensor lighting in bathrooms and attics that don’t need to be lit all the time, also install energy-efficient lights in the office area.
  • Switch off large screens, TVs, lights, and other equipment in office or in meeting rooms when they’re not in use. Make sure the employees switch to screen savers after a few minutes of inactivity to conserve power.
  • Switching to laptops instead of desktops help in cutting on energy costs as the former consume lesser power.

Add in Greens

More than just brightening up your office interior design, adding greenery to your office space has a plethora of health benefits for the office inmates. Adding indoor plants keeps employees happier, keeps their stress levels under check and make them perform better and more productively at the workplace. It has also been linked with better memory retention and other basic cognitive functions.

The air in your workplace gets cleaner, healthier, and free from contaminants as plants emit oxygen. If you look up any of Candor TechSpace’s commercial offices for rent, they’re all laced with adequate lush greenery to add to the environment.

A sustainable workplace is such that incorporates smart design practices to create spaces that promote wellness and well-being of its inmates. Creating and maintaining sustainable working spaces is the need of the hour and shall be a fundamental in workplace design.

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