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Posted by Rex Conner on January 23rd, 2020

There’s no better feeling in the world than that first cup of coffee in the morning - the warmth, the flavour, the excuse to have biscuits for breakfast. I bet you’re even reading this with a coffee in your hand right now. Well, if you’re an avid coffee-lover, you probably find yourself purchasing a new bag of coffee every two weeks. I’m going to let you in on a little secret – recently, I decided to buy fresh roasted coffee beans online. Three words: best decision ever! Not only does the flavour make me want to drink enough coffee to power a small city, but the added convenience of purchasing online is also a life saver. (Information source:

Now, while making the decision to buy fresh roasted coffee beans online will definitely be a life changing experience, there are a few aspects that need to be considered:

The Cost-To-Value Ratio

When you’re looking to buy fresh roasted coffee beans online, always make sure that you’re not over-spending for the amount of coffee you’re getting. Since you can’t see the actual bag in person, have a look at the size of the bag before purchasing. Another option would be to purchase a variety pack, or in-bulk. This is the more cost-effective option, as you would only need to pay delivery fees once, but you would have enough coffee to last you for at least six months!

How Well the Product is Protected During Shipping

If the company, you purchase from imports the coffee – this is typical with high-quality coffee beans – investigate how they ship the product. You want to be confident that, when you buy the fresh roasted coffee beans, they were not damaged or tainted during shipping. Not many companies will provide this information on their website, but a simple phone call or e-mail should do the trick.

The Roast

While this may seem like an obvious factor, since every person has their own preferences when it comes to the roast of the coffee, you would be surprised by how many people forget about this important detail. When you buy the fresh roasted coffee beans online, read the details of the product to make sure that it is the roast you prefer, as some companies may not allow for returns after the bag has already been opened.

The Delivery Cost

Nobody wants to pay ridiculously expensive delivery costs when purchasing online. However, if you think about it, the delivery cost is just a small price to pay for the added convenience. I’m not saying you should pay more than what you’re spending on the website but make the most of the cost. If it does seem somewhat pricey, add more to your cart. That way, you have enough coffee to last you a while and you only had to pay for the delivery once.

The Freshness

Just like when purchasing any other grocery products online, ask the company how long the products will last for or when they expire. You wouldn’t want to purchase a large bag of coffee beans that will expire before you manage to finish them.

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