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Posted by ProConsult Advocates & Legal Consultants on January 23rd, 2020

The proverb ‘Nothing is Permanent’ suits a couple too. There are times when you come to know that your all attempt to keep your marriage together is no more possible, and then divorce seems like the wisest option for you and your spouse. In many circumstances, divorce does not come with a jubilant response, though both parties feel a great sense of relief. If you are seeking at getting a divorce lawyer, ensure to get one that can assist in the dissolution of your marriage.

A divorce lawyer is well aware of the pulleys and hurdles that a case can come through and hence they can help you legally claim and fight for you and safeguard your rights. They not only can represent you but as well help you to come out of a hard situation. They also help you to: -

Represent You

A divorce lawyer plays a crucial role in representing you in the court and acts as a middle-man between you and your ex-spouse. Separation is a tough time and your lawyer help in keeping things as calm as possible. Whether you and your spouse are fighting and arguing over simple and complex things with many homes, many cars and several children, a marriage lawyer can help you to keep track of the progress and the belongings.

If you are a resident of UAE, look for a renowned law firm lawyer as they can advise you on every feature of Dubai family law and the UAE Law in general, including divorce, separation, child custody, wills & estate planning, mediation & litigation services.

Acknowledge You Different Options

Marriage lawyers in Dubai help you to understand your options. Divorce is a personal decision of a spouse and but the situation gets worse when it comes to attorney and child custody matters.
Custody laws in the UAE take care of the child’s best interests but different roles are assigned to mothers and fathers. A guardian of a child should be financially strong to maintain child education and other needs. Many times, the other is awarded custody, whereas the father is always counted the guardian, everything is dependent on the child’s interests.

As per UAE law, a custodian should fulfill a list of requirements including

• Mental stability
• Being honest
• 21 years of the above age
• Proficient to take care of a child
• Free from an infectious disease
• Not committed a serious crime
• Must be of the same religion as the child
• Father should have a family relation with the child
• The mother should not re-marry

Provide Great Peace of Mind

Choose an experienced, professional and compassionate attorney lawyer who can provide you with great peace of mind at every step of the way. They are an experienced and skilled family lawyer who prepares your case and protect your rights inside and outside the court.

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