Software House in Islamabad Pakistan With Best Software Team

Posted by HamzaAli on January 23rd, 2020

Software House in Islamabad Pakistan With Best Software Team

In today's age with the rising competition and foundation of new companies, it wasn’t easy for GrithX to secure its place but we took this challenge and turned it into a reality. Today with the efforts and dedication of our team and the use of the latest technology trends, Grithx stands amongst the top 10 best Software house in Islamabad. Our service packages are available at unbelievably low prices.

Software Company In Islamabad

  • Business Strategy & Marketing.
  • Bespoke email design & delivery.
  • Send your e-mails at any time.
  • Drive huge traffic to the site.
  • Improve communication.
  • Increase your brand awareness globally

Responsive web typography: size and line spacing

What is the text you have on your website? Playing a role? The text is the master pillar, the essential axis on which everything revolves on the web: what you do, what you want, your products, your services, in essence, your texts show who you are.

What then should be your first objective as far as your text is concerned? Engrave this on fire: you want your text to read. It is no use all the effort you make on the web if your words do not reach a reader, who will be your future client, follower, friend or whatever you pursue. You must get your message received in the best possible way.

Content is king and text is the vehicle for your content to travel and meet objectives. It may seem simple but there are typography professionals who dedicate 100% of their careers to study the form of the text.

It is not just about making decisions about the form of words (the choice of the font), you will also have to define a body (a size) for your text and how some elements relate to each other (the letters to each other, some words with others, a line with the previous and the following, a set of paragraphs and the block of text with the rest of the elements that coexist on the page.

How to choose the perfect font size for the web

As a starting point, we can take into account the famous study that concluded that if your text was less than 16 px tall you were losing money. 16 pixels is not a large size, in fact, it is the default size in many browsers. It may seem great at first, but as soon as you read a couple of articles at this size you begin to realize how comfortable it is.

It is important not to lose sight of the concept that your readers are your customers. You need to have readers to sell your products or services. If you had a physical store, you would like to create a pleasant environment for your visitors to do what you want them to do (buy a product, hire a service,  give you their data ...). On your website, you get this by providing the best possible experience. And you know what your potentials do on your website? Mainly read.

Readability is the critical aspect in terms of making that user's experience on your site satisfactory. If you spread your message in 12-pixel texts you are undermining this experience (unless your clients are superheroes with the superhuman view).

It is not exaggerated, then, to think that readability is a key factor in the benefits that you can generate with your website.

Number of words per line

There is another decisive factor in the process of defining the text: the line width. According to John Kane in his Typography Manual, the optimal line width contains between 35 and 65 characters (approximately 7-12 words). Although these indications were suggested for paper at first, they also serve to have optimal readability on the screen.

Touch pull calculator, define a width for the text box and count how many characters enter depending on the size. With these variables, we can play until we are happy with the line width and body of the text.

A few years ago I made this video with the web typography work process.


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