16 Year Old Girl from Turkmenistan Get the Right Ligament Surgery in India

Posted by Kanchan Madan on January 23rd, 2020

The dream of playing college football become within her reaches now. Drli had been working very hard to be in the game since the age of 4, and at 16 she was co-captaining at the college game.  Drli was playing her game on field of Turkmenistan, while running back her net that’s when she tore her left anterior cruciate ligament. She heard her knee pop, and knew straight away what had happened. “I’ve had an excessive tolerance for pain always, however that without a doubt raised the bar,” she says. Her mother Merdzhen can still hear her daughter’s screams from that day as she watched the event unfold from the sidelines.

Turkmenistan Girl Ligament Surgery in India

An MRI confirmed Drli had torn her ACL and meniscus both. She knew it become coming, but the analysis was hard to pay attention. “I still remember how I was looking at the window outside the hospital and simply crying. That was a difficult moment.” but in same Drli fashion, she wiped off her tears and geared up for what was next. Doctor in Turkmenistan explained she would need to undergo a surgery as soon as possible, and Turkmenistan did not have enough good surgeons and facilities to provide for ligament surgery, and her doctor asked to get it in India as India is certainly a best destination that is developing in popularity among people throughout the globe that too at very less cost. Looking for treatment options in other countries, Drli kept on her search for the correct treatment option when she found Tour2india4health Consultant.

“I checked site and dropped a query. I never thought that I would get such a prompt response.  Tour2india4health consultant’s patient manager called back. After a thorough discussion about my problem, he mailed me a list of surgeons in India from which I could choose. Later on, I even got to know that my friend had also gone for their medical trip to India with Tour2india4health consultant’s help last year”, Drli added. Before flying to India my appointment with Dr. Vikram Shah Shalby Hospital Ahmedabad was fixed by my case manager at Tour2india4health. Assured as she was, Drli arrived in India for her treatment thereafter. “I had my treatment Dr. Vikram Shah Shalby Hospital Ahmedabad. Dr. Vikram Shah suggested that I would have to undergo a ligament surgery in India. 

“Dr. Shah explained everything about how the surgery is done, what to expect during recovery, and how important physical therapy would be,” says Drli. “Dr. Shah is incredible,” adds Merdzhen. “He talks to patient and the patient family, and discuss on all their issues with prompt answers to their questions.” The very next day after the consultation, Dr. Vikram Shah performed her reconstruction surgical treatment on Drli’s knee — repairing the meniscus and replacing the ends of her torn ACL with a tendon graft from her own hamstring. Since two days after her surgery and hospital stay Drli said, “Shalby Hospital Ahmedabad was the best medical center with all of the medical facilities. Dr. Vikram Shah and his team is the expert and that I trusted them completely. I has no pain and has a very stable recovery. The patient care facilities and the infrastructure of the hospital are excellent”.

Talking on her experience of a month’s medical trip to India, said, Drli from Turkmenistan for ligament surgery in India,” Tour2india4health not only assisted me with information regarding the Dr. Vikram Shah Shalby Hospital Ahmedabad and the cost of my ligament surgery in India however also helped me out during my stay in India. Our accommodation was pre booked. We didn’t have to wait on the airport as we were picked by on time by the team member of Tour2india4health.  It had been a smooth and easy experience basically. I pay my heartiest gratitude to Dr. Vikram Shah and Tour2india4health consultant for providing me with the best treatment”.


Miss. Drli from Turkmenistan

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