Top 5 Scented Candles For Stress Busters Which You Should Use

Posted by Blue Vision Exim on January 24th, 2020

You blow out candles at your birthday party. You have candlelight dinners with your family or your valentine. Candles adorn your celebrations, spreading beautiful light everywhere.

Candles can make your home smell like heaven. They can even make you feel healthy. You may wonder, how that is possible.

Have you tried a hand poured scented candle? The one made up of natural essential oils with real health benefits.


Read on and see the important benefits of best-scented candles in several natural fragrance notes.

Lavender smells good and heals even better.Do you spend sleepless nights, experience bouts of hysteria or feel depressed? If yes then burn the Lavender scented candle.


The fragrance features a calming effect on the nerves. It is a natural remedy for insomnia. Lavender fragrance is additionally known for its aphrodisiac qualities too! Set your mood and luxuriate in before you sink in deep slumber.

Lavender belongs to your bedroom. Envelope in its fragrance. Light up your best smelling candles in natural Lavender fragrance. Your worries melt away and you sleep better.


Every Christmas you bring home the Christmas tree. You bring its refreshing fragrance. The celebration is in the air. The air smells pine-fresh too!


Continue enjoying that fragrance together with your pine scented candle. Burn the pure, natural one and desire walking through a pine forest.Do you know the advantages of walking through the Pine forest?

Yoshifumi Miyazaki and Qing Li in Japan administered extensive research on Pine forest. They found people that rehearse pine forest enjoy following health benefits. Reduced heart rate and drop in blood pressure. Relaxed nerve activity, reduced stress levels and better mood.

Light up the natural pine scented candle and convey home the pine forest.

You know how refreshing the fragrance of citrus is. It is overwhelming. You enjoy it whenever you narrow a lemon or peel an orange. The same tangy, lemony scent of Lemongrass cures your insomnia and relieves stress. You may catch a catch a whiff of it at the spa. It is used there to scale back stress and deodorize the air.


A top-notch scent that you simply can use in your bedroom to form you sleep better. Energize your living room and suppress the stubborn bad odors in the bathroom. The bonus -Â Â the critters in your kitchen find it repelling. They stand back from your home.That doesn't mean you've got to chop lemons or peel oranges for the sake of scent!

All you would like to try to to is to burn natural lemongrass candle and luxuriate in its fragrance, anytime.

Eucalyptus has a sweet and woody scent. It cures chest and nasal congestion, flu and pharyngitis .Eucalyptus fragrance increases the brain wave activity and relieves mental fatigue. In other words, you increase your mental alertness. If you feel groggy in the morning, smell eucalyptus. You feel mentally sharper and energized.


Burn the simplest natural scented candle at your study table, beat your exam blues. The fragrance helps you overcome the fatigue and increase the eye span. If somebody in your house has nose or chest congestion, burn the candle by his or her side. The fragrance will help relieve the congestion.

Amongst the flowers, Jasmine is that the “Queen of Nightâ€. Known for its powerful fragrance at night. Jasmine aroma calms emotions and improves sexual desire. The sweet scent lifts mood, cures headaches and fights depression. The fragrance also stimulates the mind and makes it more alert.


Burn a best smelling candle in Jasmine fragrance on your study table, near your bed or on the board . Stimulate your senses. You feel your confidence, optimism and euphoria increase in you.Even better, jasmine blends nicely with other scents. Try different combinations and have more fun!

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