Important Health Tips To Remember When Using Coloured Contact Lenses

Posted by colouryoureyes on January 24th, 2020

Never there has been a fashion accessory as great as the coloured contact lenses. When you can easily turn every head towards you and get the attention you have always wanted, then what is better? With the help of coloured contact lenses, you can easily change the colour of your eyes or enhance them to look more beautiful. The great thing about coloured contact lenses is that you can do all that with keeping your look completely natural.

There is nothing better than using coloured contact lenses to beautify yourself. They are the perfect fashion accessory anyone could ever ask for, the best tool to enhance your lifestyle. What’s more, is that you can even use coloured contact lenses for special events such as Halloween. Yes, there are Halloween contact lenses that can produce special eyes to suit your Halloween costumes. You see your coloured lenses have a special tint on them that mimics the eye and then it blends in with the colour of the eyes to produce that magical effect. 

That all said, coloured lenses may be the greatest fashion device ever but they are still a medical device that you should be very careful about. Unlike other cosmetics and fashion accessories coloured lenses require great care and precautions to be used safely. While all these steps are easy to follow but they are very important and must not be ignored in any case.

So, if you want to make yourself beautiful by coloured eye contacts Australia, you must do it safely by following the rules. What are the rules? Well, they are listed below.

Where Should I Buy Them From?

The safety rules all start from the very beginning. The moment you decide to buy coloured lenses you must start following the rules. The reason is that you must get only the highest quality coloured contact lenses for yourself that are only available at the most respected online stores or brands. That’s right, you must do your research and find only the best stores so that you are sure about using coloured lenses safely. Remember your eyes are sensitive and you need to be very careful about its health 

You need to do research that will help you find the best online store. Make a list of stores that you found, then look for online reviews and also ask past customers about the stores, if you can. This will help you understand how good the online stores are you have listed. Also, if you can ask your friends, who use coloured lenses about the best online store, that would be a great help.

It is also a good practice to get your eyes tested by a doctor so that you can use the coloured lenses that would suit your eyes perfectly. You see the doctor will tell you about the health of your eyes and what material and solution would be better for you.

Top Tips to Remember

    • Buy only from the best online store or brand so that you don’t have to worry about the quality of coloured contact lenses
    • The second part is very important. When you are about to use your coloured contact lenses, wash your hands properly with warm water and then dry them with a lint-free cloth. You have to maintain hygiene. Also, store them in a clean storage case.
    • Do not wear your coloured contact lenses for far too long. Your lenses’ package will instruct you about how long you can wear them. Once you have reached the limit, then give your eyes some rest from using coloured contact lenses. Wearing them too long would leave your eyes dry.
    • If you think your eyes are getting itchy or the lenses are causing discomfort, then take them off and use some of the eyedroppers to re-wet the eye and clean the lenses with the solution. After a few minutes, you can wear it again..
      • If the lenses have expired, throw them away. Do not use expired lenses, always get a new pair if you need to use them.
    • Do not sleep while wearing your coloured contact lenses. Before going to bed, take them off and put them away safely. Sleeping with the lenses would damage the eyes and may cause a corneal abrasion.
    • Your coloured lenses are great but that is no reason for you to share them with anyone. Sharing of coloured lenses can transfer eye diseases from one person to another.
  • If you feel any pain in your eyes, then call your doctor.

Coloured contact lenses are totally safe to wear if you follow best practise when purchasing them and wearing them. If you are nervous or worried about getting them, visit your local optician


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