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Know How Fragrance Hacks To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Posted by perfumebooth on January 24th, 2020

A good perfume is more than enough to make you smell good but sometimes, it is just not capable of doing so. The way you apply perfumes can have a major impact on its performance. How you are spraying the perfume, where you are applying it and how much is sprayed on, all these things can severely affect the way it turns out on you. Apart from this, what kind of perfume you are using also has an impact on the performance o perfume. If you have been unable to get desired results from your favourite branded scent, these fragrance hacks will turn out to be life-changing for you.

Apply Right After The Shower:

The best time to apply the perfume is right after taking a bath when your skin is clean and fresh. With open pores, your skin will be able to absorb the perfume perfectly holding it in and allowing you to smell marvellous with ease. If you are applying the perfume after a certain period of time or taking a bath is not possible for you, cleaning the skin is another way. You can use wet tissues or simply wash off your skin and spray the fragrance. However, make sure to let your skin dry or wipe off with a dry towel perfectly for the best results. Never spray perfume on wet skin.

A Little Moisture Goes A Long Way:

People with dry skin often worry about their perfume not being able to last for more than a couple of hours. The key to it is to lather your skin with a good moisturizer, let it settle on the skin before spraying on the perfume. This will work as an adhesive for the skin allowing the perfume molecules to stick to it. If you have dry skin or your perfume is not able to last for a long time, make sure to apply an ample amount of moisturizer on the skin and it will stay for a little longer than usual. However, try to use an unscented moisturizer or lotion for this so that the fragrance is not affected. You can also try Long Lasting Perfume with an oil base to get similar results.

Avoid Rubbing The Perfume:

If you rub your perfume after spraying it on the skin, you are seriously doing it wrong. This habit can damage the perfume molecules and the sequence of notes in which perfume reveals its true identity. Instead of top notes, middle notes and base notes, to arrive one by one, everything comes up as a complicated mixture. Try to dab the perfume or let it dry naturally allowing the perfume to settle on your skin properly. Doing this will help in enhancing the life of the perfume, making it long-lasting on you.

Layer It Well:

You can use several fragrant products such as lotions, moisturizers, deodorants or body mists with similar fragrance to enhance your perfume. Try to use all the products from the same variants or same smell to ensure that the perfume is not altered in any way and it can deliver unadulterated long-lasting fragrance.

You can keep all these perfume hacks in mind while applying the perfume and this will help in enhancing your scent. Use good quality international perfumes with higher fragrance essence concentration. This will help in making you smell good along with increasing the life of your perfume on your skin.

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