Want to Lose Your Winter Weight and Holiday Excess Fast?

Posted by Jessymeshak on January 24th, 2020

Your initial weight loss will be  Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Review slower than that following a gastric bypass, and may come to a standstill after some time. So, how to conquer the weight loss plateau after Lap Band is the emergent question. The first thing to do in such a situation is to consult your weight loss team for a complete evaluation. Your bariatric surgeon may decide to adjust the Lap Band by injecting some fluid in the band to increase restriction. If your surgeon believes that the weight loss plateau is due to an over tight band, he will loosen it so as to facilitate optimal results.

In case this is not the reason for your stagnating weight, or if either of the interventions do not help you conquer the weight loss plateau, your nutritionist will advise you to maintain a intake chart or a food diary where you will be expected to enumerate the quantities and timings of the food consumed, and also to maintain an exercise log. The exercise log will be a detailed chronicle of the nature and duration of exercise, and will help your weight loss team pinpoint the reason for the plateau.

Very often, the plateau can be attributed to consumption of calorie intensive foods, especially liquids like milk shakes and health drinks, which can even in small quantities result in weight gain, or at least cessation of weight loss as their transit time, even through the narrow outlet of the stomach, is not significantly reduced.

In case you find yourself feeling sad or angry or frustrated at your inability to conquer the weight loss plateau in spite of your best efforts to adhere to the significant lifestyle changes the surgery has caused, make sure you discuss it with your weight loss team and counselors. Being part of a support group or an online service can often help you get a fresh perspective of your situation.


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