Animal Antimicrobials and Antibiotics Market Vendor Landscape And Economic Gro

Posted by Amy on January 24th, 2020

The global market for animal antimicrobials and antibiotics is being driven primarily by the rising global demand for milk, meat, and other animal products. The heavy usage of a variety of meats in the Western diet and the rapid adoption of Western eating habits across distant parts of the globe are leading to an increased demand for animal antimicrobials and antibiotics across the globe.

The research report comprises detailed analysis, forecasts, and numerous estimates regarding the global animal antimicrobials and antibiotics market in terms of demand and revenue between the years 2014 and 2020. The report also presents an overview of the key driving and restraining forces affecting the market and the way they are impacting the market’s overall development. Key trends observed in the past years as well as the key trends of present times and their potential implications on the future state of the market are also studied.

The report presents a comprehensive overview of the market on the basis of key products, end-users, and regional markets. Details regarding revenue and market volume for all the market segments are also included in the report. These details are also studied for all key regional markets.

The report includes data that is gathered with the help of a variety of primary and secondary research methodologies. The data thus gathered is contemplated with the help of a variety of analytical methods to present the user with the most precise bits of statistics and market.

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Global Animal Antimicrobials and Antibiotics Market: Overview

The key types of animal antimicrobials and antibiotics studied in the report include penicillins, fluoroquinolones, tetracyclines, aminocoumarin, fusidic acid, phenicols, sulfonamides, aminoglycosides, cephalosporins, bicyclomycin, and macrolides. Consumption statistics for these products are provided for end-use segment such as food-producing animals, and companion animals.

Some of the key factors contributing to the overall development of the global animal antimicrobials and antibiotics market include the rising demand for animal protein products and the rising trend of ownership of pet animals. Moreover, the rising incidences of epidemics of animal diseases, rising livestock population and favorable economic conditions of emerging markets like China, India, and Brazil, are also driving the market for animal antimicrobials and antibiotics.

However, certain factors such as the rising use of in-feed enzymes, strict regulatory policies, and augmented use of alternative medicines such as prebiotics are expected to impede growth of the overall animal antimicrobials and antibiotics market to a certain extent over the report’s forecast period.

Global Animal Antimicrobials and Antibiotics Market: Key Vendors

The report presents detailed business profiles of some of the key businesses operating in the global animal antimicrobials and antibiotics market, including Bioniche Animal Health, Fort Dodge Animal Health, Bayer Animal Health, Elanco Animal Health, Ceva Sante Animale S.A., Merck Animal Health, Virbac Animal Health, Zoetis, Inc., Merial, Phibro Animal Health Corp., and Novartis Animal Health.

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