Psychology in poker: how to stretch your brain before a game

Posted by Vit on January 24th, 2020

Today, the psychological component in the poker world occupies an important place or slot machines. Many players adopt psychological techniques and learn to recognize the emotions of their opponents. But we will touch on a slightly different topic. How to tune in to win poker? What are the techniques that help a successful game?

Professional poker player Dusty Schmidt in one of his books said that he was assisted by psychologist Jared Tendler in the game. He specialized in sports psychology, and today is the best poker psychologist.

This psychologist has released books that address the topic of poker. And he believes that before playing poker you need to be able to relax and have a little workout.

But what is poker warm-up? The player should stretch his brain, namely: attention, thinking. It is necessary to use special techniques. For example, you can try wagering in 20 tournaments. In addition, you need to completely immerse yourself in your occupation, without being distracted by irritants.

Professional psychologist Jared offers his workout:

First you need to turn off all distractions: telephones, TV, social networks, radio, instant messengers;
Next, you need to clearly work out the technique by which you are going to play today, immediately select a strategy and fully understand it;
Relax and take a few deep breaths, and then proceed to the game.
The player needs to immediately figure out such a big point, as the choice of strategy. It is important to immediately understand how much time we are willing to spend on the game, especially if it is a cache. Next, you need to remember your past games and analyze losing hands when mistakes were made by the player. Well, then you will have to work out a strategy that works for yourself.

During your game, especially at the beginning, you do not need to run all the desktops. Do it a little to smoothly immerse yourself in the game.

After the game has been completed, the player needs to relax. To do this, you should generally switch to other matters. Then not only the game will be successful, but the player will be able to completely control himself.

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