Video Cards - Which One to Choose?

Posted by yeswardhan on January 25th, 2020

As computer and video game graphics continue to improve, they are becoming more readily available for use by the everyday computer user. Video cards make it easy to increase the rendering speed of images on your computer and allow you to view 3-D content in your home. Since the development of the first video card by IBM in 1981, various types of video cards have been made by many companies, each with its advantages and disadvantages over the others. the best institute for video editing in Delhi.

Since 2002, ATI and Nvidia have been competing to hold approximately 90% share in the video card market. With their lines Radeon and Geforce, these two companies have forced other manufacturers. The Radeon and Geforce lines alone offer hundreds of graphic cards, with each model slightly altered, allowing consumers to choose the exact graphic card to fit their needs. However, users who have little or no idea what to watch can be threatened for choosing such video cards. Below is a sample of video cards that can provide consumers with a jumping-point to pursue their research, whether based on price, quality, or value.

The ATI Radeon HD 5870 has recently been rated among the top expansion cards for single-GPU performance. The core clock speed of this card is 850MHz and 1GB of GDDR5, which causes it to be surpassed by many dual GPU cards. Although the HD 5870 is large and requires two slots on the computer, it is a high-quality product for a price of around 400.

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 295 is a dual GPU card that the company released in January of 2009. This graphic card has 240 stream processors on each chip and uses 2 PCBs instead of following the footsteps of ATI in placing two GPUs on a circuit board. The GTX 295 is a better quality video card and with all the features, it is no surprise that it is not cheap.

For those who are looking for an original or over-priced graphics card, there are still plenty of options. The Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS may not be the best choice for gaming, but its performance is well suited for other applications such as watching videos, editing photos, and more. With a clock speed of 450 MHz and 256 MB of RAM, the 8400 GS is a top choice among entry-level graphic cards and costs less than $ 100.

While these few graphic cards listed do not accurately represent the entire market, they provide many examples of products available for consumers to compare. When choosing a video card, consumers should consider what tasks they perform on their computer: video streaming, gaming, or editing only photos. best Video Editing Institute iN Jaipur No matter what is needed, a graphic card is available to meet the personal needs of almost any consumer if they take the initiative to find it.

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