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Posted by JessicaRhodes on January 25th, 2020

Mahjong games online - an opportunity to open an amazing game world. On our site you can play a huge number of types of mahjong games, choosing the most suitable for you. The game process consists in searching in the pyramid of bones for identical pairs that are not covered by neighboring blocks. In addition, you must first calculate your moves in order to accelerate the analysis of the pyramid in the future, which will lead you to victory.

 Mahjong Solitaire and its variations

 Mahjong Connect is a simplified version of the classic game. Easy to learn due to the presence of only one layer of tiles, among which you must choose the same. With the right choice, the playing field is freed. You can only connect tiles located with each other (vertically and horizontally). Also, you can combine identical bone patterns along the edges of the game board.

 The game Mahjong Dynasty is a classic option, in the exact sense of the word. Little has changed in it since its inception. The Shanghai Dynasty Mahjong rules did not change, everything remained in its original form.

 The presented game of mahjong Butterflies online enables players to enjoy such a favorite version of the famous Asian entertainment! You have the opportunity to relax with this type of game after a working day or just to pass the time in public transport (various mobile gadgets are supported).

 Mahjong is a kind of solitaire, and all the games on the site belong to this particular category of puzzles, it has grown, developed and published in various interpretations - in many programming languages ​​and for different devices. There are many options that are installed as application programs for the PC and for gadgets on Android and iOS. But there are other representations of the game. You will meet them in our collection - these are online games.

 Their advantage is that they do not require installation on your computer or mobile device, but are launched directly on a web page using Flash ("flash") or JavaScript ("Java script") tools. Thus, you do not need to waste precious resources of the device by installing additional programs on it, you just need to open the page with the desired mahjong in an Internet browser. If you get tired of the game, simply open another page or close the browser altogether and that's it - the resources are free.

 Note that there are many varieties of the game, but the most famous are only two: traditional ("classic" or "Shanghai") mahjong and mahjong "Connect" ("Link"). The latter is sometimes called "flat mahjong" and is often classified as a puzzle. Each of these subspecies has its own specifics, limitations and rules. Each game has a different attitude to time. In some it is limited, others allow you to disassemble the puzzle as much as you like.

 So, choose your favorite option from the above on the page and spend time with benefit. We hope that mahjongs will help you to properly tune and solve everyday tasks faster and better.
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