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Synthetic Grass Types from ToughTurfSocal

Posted by emicorn on January 25th, 2020

Low Synthetic Grass: Low Synthetic Grass This is a straight, long fiber grass - up to 20 mm with curly fibers arranged in rows, creating softness and thickness. This visually synthetic grass looks like a

normal natural grass with a similar texture, but on the other hand Less resistant to me than frequent lawns, unlike other types of grass with higher fiber, this cost of synthetic grass is relatively lower than other types of grass and yet more suitable for nurseries, swimming pool sand more ...

Medium Synthetic Grass: This is a straight-fiber grass that reaches upto 40 mm in length. The fibers of the grass are curly and delicate in texture and soft, and in terms of the cost of this kind of relatively more expensive, it is durable for long-term steering modes and in its appearance it looks like Real natural grass.

High Synthetic Grass: This is a synthetic turf with up to 60 mm long fibber, long synthetic grass, Considered to be high quality and durable and long lasting of the existing grass types. High synthetic grass is suitable for upscale ornamental gardens in homes, quality grass looks And look on a level and upgrade each garden to a very high level garden.


Like any element in the garden, synthetic grass is also considered a design aspect that must be maintained in order for the garden to look well maintained for many years, and so enjoy a clean and very essential synthetic lawn. Synthetic grass saves you hard work and regular care, it is flexible, comfortable to sit on Green and looks like real grass. If you have a pet at home, the advantage of synthetic grass is twofold for you because the animals refrain from eating the grass or doing it because the grass has no odour to make it, so you can be quiet about this as well. What you have to do to keep the grass clean and green is at all times to irrigate the grass to remove the dust from it and so that the waste we accumulate over time will come out and the grass will stay clean and well maintained. This can be done with a water hose, a special broom, a leaf rake or a blower, some will say that cultivating the garden even when it is synthetic grass, has a therapeutic essence, so choose the one that is convenient for you to clean your lawn. Although synthetic grass creates an easy life for you without the need to cultivate it every day, it is important to cultivate the lawn and keep it clean on the inside periodically so as not to lose its vitality.


If you got to know normal natural grass, you probably felt that you were the slave of the house and the garden and you may have chased the broom and wiper all day until you got tired of it, raising dogs or cats in this house is a great feeling, but raising them when they dirty the house and when they play in the garden and get dirty in the mud This is another story already.

Synthetic grass has many advantages, but the benefit here is no less important, synthetic grass unlike regular grass does not create mud and will not make your pet do their needs on the grass because the grass does not catch odors and yet they recognize that it is synthetic grass and not natural grass There will be no need for territory, plus the synthetic grass with no insects, fleas or parasites that can infect your animal. Some of you don't know that our animals like to lawn in the warm sun, it's nice to see them enjoy, but then we see sockets of grass that have tightened and lost altitude, so synthetic grass prevents this condition and is elastic and resilient even after sitting or heavyweight, so it is recommended In such a situation install synthetic grass with straight fibers in order for the grass to return to normal in any situation. Synthetic grass will also avoid the habit that your pets love to do - dig in the ground or in the grass, when you install synthetic grass in your garden, your dog will not be able to dig, and you will have peace of mind as well as beautiful green grass.


Garden designers have discovered the benefits and beauty of synthetic grass and have begun to install many synthetic lawn projects.both because the lawn creates aesthetically pleasing design and because many customers prefer to install synthetic grass because it reduces garden care hours and also lasts and stays green for long.Artificial grass turf in Irvine blends beautifully with every possible

garden style - Fang Shaw, simple home garden, luxury gardens and lots... artificial grass turf can be installed on concrete, flooring, wood or any garden surface you want to install the lawn over.

Garden designers add additional garden designs to enrich the appearance of the lawn in front of the garden itself by adding waterfalls, colorful lighting, pebbles and other elements that give light to other garden designs.


Artificial grass turf in Irvine adds to the design of the garden as we have described, but it is important to make accurate planning of the garden from its dimensions, location of everything, dimensions of grass according to the area you want, garden furniture and their location -where will the swing be?

If sofas are purchased and more ... Think about the small details whether it is a barbecue area, seating areas, hammocks and more.In order for the garden not to look too cluttered and for the lawn to blend in with appropriate angles in the garden and create a clean and perfect harmonious look.


ToughTurfSocal Company specializes in the production and marketing of synthetic grass in Europe's most stringent standards and standards, the staff of a lawn grass company with extensive experience and knowledge in the field to help you choose the type of grass that is most relevant to you.

Our company has good, good quality synthetic lawn products that saves on water costs and will upgrade your garden much more than before. Over the years, ToughTurfSocal has built up a lot of experience in the field for years, in terms of materials quality and installation in the customer's home.

ToughTurfSocal provides the range of products for the wholesale market as well as private.If you come to a decision that it is time to change the look of the garden and give it some life and color and you do not know where to start, for this we are here to answer you every step, we will give you professional and courteous advice to enjoy a more aesthetically pleasing green lawn that will make your garden a dream.

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