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Artificial Grass Turf in Irvine how to install it on regular soil?

Posted by emicorn on January 25th, 2020

To install Artificial Grass Turf in Irvine you can only begin if the area is ready for work and clean, if there is severe herbage or existing natural grass the area should be sprayed with herbicide and wait 10-7 days.

A 5-10 cm layer of soil should be downloaded. If this is a new garden, make sure the garden is 5-10 cm below the height of the lawn.

In order to determine the final height, the height of the lawn must be taken into account, for example: a 57 mm high grass lawn and a champion that will stand about 3 cm above the exit from the house, we will download 8-13 cm.

After making sure that the soil is tightened, a special layer of substrate is applied for the installation of synthetic grass.

As mentioned, fill up to the desired height at the beginning of the lawn but not less than 5 cm. Do not forget to create a small gradient (about 1.5% per meter) toward the outside of the house.

If other drains are known, such a gradient can be created towards them.

The substrate must be tightened well before the Artificial Grass Turf in Irvine can be installed as it is advisable to use a rentable jabka in building equipment rental shops.

On the substrate is a black cloth (flrig) or a geotechnical fabric. We will fix it with a number of pegs.

Now that we put the Artificial Grass Turf and it’s ready, we will spread the grass all over the area, if it is a few pieces; put them all down when the fibers are facing in the same direction.

The Artificial Grass Turf has edges that must be cut with a Japanese knife. If connecting 2 pieces, make sure a clean and beautiful cut will make the invisible connection.

Work slowly and accurately, being careful not to cut on the seam but only between the seams.

When we have made the connections between the grasses and everything looks accurate, the bonding stage has arrived, the two sides of the grass should be lifted, lay on the ground PVC fabric specifically designed for such a connection.

Galvanized nails can be used to hold open seams until glued.

If using 2 materials, glue them now. A uniform layer must be poured onto the PVC surfaces.

Be careful not to overdo it, the glue may rise from the seams to the grass. Spechtel can be used to smear.

Both sides of the seam must be lowered on the glue; a good connection must be made. You can walk on the lawn with gentle stepping.

The paste will harden in about fifteen minutes.

The lawn seam areas must be strengthened with the galvanized pegs. The optimum distance is about 30 cm.

The fibers should now be brushed with a road sweeper or mechanical sweeper.

Depending on the type of synthetic grass, at this stage sand may be required; the special silicate sand mixture should be sprinkled with synthetic grass.

The quantity is determined according to the type of grass and use.

The silicate sand will be uniformly spread on the grass and brushed against the direction of the fibers in the road sweeper.

In some types it is worth adding special rubber flakes, the flakes give extra softness to the prepared grass and serve as an additional stabilizer.

A final brushing is required to insert the rubber flakes into the fibers; again the direction of the fibers must be actuated.

Installation of Artificial Grass Turf in Irvine, on a soil is now finished the fibers should be brushed with a road sweeper or mechanical broom.

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