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Digital marketing or social media marketing refers to a form of marketing that basically works upon social media as it's a marketing platform and formulates an effective online strategy to facilitate the perfect digital presence of your business or company. It is done via different ways such as website building, microblogging, vlogging, email marketing etc.

So, basically, digital marketing is something that you are already familiar with, and now your focus is on the later word 'strategy'. Strategised digital marketing is even more important matter than understanding digital marketing itself. The reason behind it is, the whole process of digital marketing is almost useless and without results if it is not well-planned and strategised. 

Ten reasons why you may need a digital marketing strategy?

1)You are not sure about your right move

Mostly, companies know the importance of digital marketing and are willing to have a digital presence, but as social media consists of a plethora of marketing ways and options, they are generally confused and directionless regarding their right move. Digital marketing is not a random process. It should be well analysed and goal-oriented. Companies without digital marketing strategy don't have a well-planned goal-oriented mechanism at their hand.

2) You don't have a strong online presence

Without a digital marketing strategy, marketing tactics are generally unorganised and not customer-specific. A customer expects a regular presence in both online/offline modes, and if you expect to grow your company via online business, this becomes critical to your growth.

3) You are not familiar with the recent trend and the needs of your online customers

By not having a well strategised digital marketing, you are losing an opportunity to be connected with your online customers and will not be able to know the demands of your customers and the recent trends.

4) You'll lose the market on the hands of competitors

Online marketing competition is an essential part of business competition. A company needs to have the right digital presence; otherwise, competitors with a planned digital presence will have a weight. The thumb rule is " More online viewers generation, more customer formation".

5) It adversely affects the professional image of the company

A company with an unplanned digital presence lays a very unprofessional impact over the customers. It obviously, demeans the brand name and image.

6)You are unaware of your online value proposition

To increase your sales or to plan your marketing goals, a clear idea of the online value of the brand is essential. 

7) You don't know your growth possibilities

Right digital marketing strategy helps you in understanding online revenue assessment with which you can't understand your online marketing possibilities of growth.

8) You don't know your online potential and market place.

Without online consumers assessment, you don't know your present market place and online potential that limits your growth possibilities.

9) You are losing online attention due to lack of optimisation

Even if you have your business website but don't have a strategy for it, the greatest possibility is, you are ignoring optimisation tactics. If you do not appear in online searches, all your resources and hard work is worthless.

10)You are wasting your resources

Without a digital marketing strategy, you are wasting all those resources that you applied to digital marketing campaigns. Without results, it's a waste, and without a strategy, there are no results.

Thus, it is really important for your business to have a digital marketing strategy and the good news is there are some really good agencies that are client-specific and can work well for the growth of your business. My recommendation would be one such digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad, and it is Digi Elephant. It is an answer to all your digital marketing needs. They will take care of all the digital needs and expectations of your online customers, and with ease, you'll be able to accelerate your business with their expert digital marketing strategy.

Thus, investing in digital marketing strategy is one of the best decisions you can take in the year 2020.

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