Best Pole Saws in 2020 (Comparison & Reviews Included)

Posted by john kabir on January 26th, 2020


Hobbyists have no limits in their imagination. You can build your own panel saw as well as a double saw to make it easier to shred the firewood for the winter. Important when building your own: pay attention to safety. Your saw must be safe both during construction and afterward in operation. Best Pole Saw 

A trestle that holds several logs is most often created for more convenient wood sawing. A lot of firewood can be cut with a chainsaw cut. Here is an example of such a sawhorse


Edge strips or other corner connections often have to be mitered. There are several possibilities for this.

A miter box is probably the cheapest way to saw a miter. It is a wooden or plastic block that has been equipped with saw guides (45 ° and 90 °, sometimes also other angles). In this way, the saw is automatically guided at the desired angle when sawing. To create the miter, use a pencil to mark the area where you want to saw. Then clamp your workpiece and cut in the saw guide provided.

Miters with a fixed guide:  This is a special saw only for miters. Therefore, it is only worth buying if you often have to cut miters. The saw is attached to a guide and can be adjusted very precisely to different angles.

Electric miter saws:  An electric miter saw could also be worthwhile for craftsmen who often saw miters. These are usually also equipped with dust extraction. The maximum cutting width for electric miter saws depends on the diameter of the saw blade. Saws with two guide rails also allow larger cutting widths.

Nestle:  With a nestle, you can cut angles of any size. This is particularly important for angles that do not correspond to the standard values.

Sawteeth that have become blunt can be refined. However, this is a very complex work. There are perforated saws to make this work easier. These saws have holes behind the teeth that make it easier to file them.

Morse chains are ground with special filing sets. Japanese saws are pre-hardened and are not ground at all. If the saw blades become blunt, they are replaced.

If you want to try wood sawing first or just don't want to spend so much money, you can also buy a used wood saw. Of course, you have to pay attention to a few details so that you also have your joy.

Fretsaws can be bought well used because the saw blades are very cheap. With the other hand saws, you should take a good look at the saw teeth. A blunt saw will give you little pleasure.

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