How To Choose A Vacuum Cleaner

Posted by basshopper on January 26th, 2020

The operating system of a vacuum cleaner can be divided into 2 types according to the method of collecting dust, which is paper bag/box type and cyclone type.

This type is a traditional vacuum cleaning system that often draws dust, hair, and debris into a paper bag inside. When the bag is full of dust, then remove the bag. The advantages of using paper bags are You can avoid direct dust exposure because you have removed the whole paper bag. However, nowadays, aside from disposable, there are washable and reusable designs. Or using models with a dust collector box, which will allow you to save more money But when you empty the trash, you should also use a nose mask to prevent inhalation of dust which is harmful to the respiratory system.

In addition, as this vacuum cleaner works by using the force of the wind to remove the dust and the surrounding exhaust, then store it inside the garbage bag or dust box in one place. The engine may therefore release the exhaust. Unpleasant odors and small debris that is absorbed into the air, diffusing into the air, resulting in negative effects on children and people with allergies.

If you're looking to acquire a housekeeper, that really isn't cheap anymore. The best robotic vacuum cleaner has got the same function as the vacuum cleaner, however, it truly is better. Because it can clean each and every inch of your ground, carpets, rugs, hardwood, laminates, tile, and stone. With its powerful vacuum suction, then it sees all your dirt, debris, and furry hair onto your own floors.

Cyclone type : Popular Safe without exhaust
This vacuum cleaner using a cyclone system is a popular model today. It works by extracting dirt, dust, hair, and exhaust into a separate collection in the trash. Therefore eliminating the problem of dust distribution Exhaust and unwanted odors from the waste bin In addition, you can save money on bags because you don't have to waste money on paper bags that need to be changed each time, just like paper bags. Suitable for sensitive people and love hygiene.

However, since this type of machine mainly uses energy to separate the exhaust from dust and waste, the external vacuum power is less than that of paper bags. When he saw the difference The reader will try to use as you see fit.


The amount of garbage collected can reduce the suction power!
Many people are wondering when the vacuum cleaner has been used for a while. Why does it feel that the suction power is reduced? Your machine is not about to waste, but because of the amount of garbage stored in the garbage bags / trash.

For those who use vacuum cleaners like paper bags, you may have to endure reduced watch loads until your garbage bags are full and then replaced. This may take quite a long time because this paper bag holds a lot of waste. Unlike cyclone-powered vacuum cleaners, which can be removed as often as needed in exchange for a revival of suction power You can see that each type of vacuum cleaner has its own limitations. But among these 2 vacuum cleaners, the vacuum bag vacuum cleaner has a higher suction power than the cyclone as the original cost. However, the readers try to buy a vacuum cleaner that is suitable for use and meet your satisfaction the most.

Choose easily used Light weight and compact in shape
House work is hard work because it is not only done in narrow spaces and flat areas. But there are still many gorges that the housekeeper must reach to prevent the garbage / dust remaining. Appropriate use of vacuum cleaners must therefore take into consideration the weight and size of the machine. Because while doing household chores, you have to lift the machine / move it around in different places if the machine is too heavy. Maid, butler, may get tired before cleaning every corner.

In general, a vacuum cleaner will weigh about 5 kg, but if you want the convenience of moving. We advise you to use a vacuum cleaner that weighs less than 4 kg to be suitable. Currently, many manufacturers are starting to reduce the size of the device. For example, the weight of 3 kilograms is also to be seen. This is for your own benefit. Will be able to do housework with happiness and not much waste.

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