Operation of a pool treatment plant

Posted by John Smith on January 27th, 2020

Pentair variable speed pump purifier is the main and key element of the pool filtration system. Its function is to purify the water while retaining the impurities found in it, through the filter it incorporates.

The operation of the complete filtration system is as follows:

The pool water is sucked by variable speed pump and taken to the treatment plant from the following intakes:

- The surface skimmer.
- The sink located at the bottom.
- The hydraulic cleaner socket when it is running.

The water reaches the treatment plant, which has a filter where the particles it contains are retained: hair remains, creams, dust, algae, etc.

Thus, we have a closed circuit where the engine moves water constantly, getting dirty to the treatment plant and leaving clean towards the pool.

There are different types of treatment plants, although by far the most common are sand and cartridge.

Cartridge treatment plants:

They are called that because they incorporate a cartridge filter made of cellulose or tissue, which captures the impurities that arrive as if it were a sieve.

Its operation is very simple, the pool water reaches the treatment plant where it is filtered by the cartridge and returns clean.

Maintenance is basic, you just have to clean the filter and replace it from time to time according to its condition and the manufacturer's instructions.

Operation of a sand treatment plant:

This type of treatment plant is composed of a tank or body inside which an amount of sand or another compatible filler load, is introduced that occupies most of the volume and that by its own weight is housed at the bottom.

The pool water access from the top and descends. In doing so, most of the dirt particles are retained in the sandy bed, reaching cleanly to the collectors located in the lower part which are responsible for collecting it and returning it to the pool.

Thus, water filtration is produced in a completely natural way.

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