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Posted by kamal on January 27th, 2020

Qlikview is a program by Qlik® that is used for creating and managing an infrastructure of reports and dashboard data within a client server system. It presents a high level of analysis details on the network infrastructure for access-permitted users. Some software handles independent reporting and dashboard data on an individual basis, customized by the user. But, Qlikview is software presented to everyone with permitted access to view and query data from.

What Can You Do with Qlikview?

Qlikview allows enterprise/corporate individuals to analyze data in an efficient and easy manner. It provides insight into the business, the finances, and the billing. It analyzes operational performance information and delivers it in an understandable way. Qlikview can help businesses identify key-issues and future projections. It will show opportunistic possibilities and help drive success and performance. It is basically a self-service tool for analytic data, capable of being utilized by anyone in the company with approved access.

Qlikview is an individually integrated Business intelligence (BI) platform. It centralizes all data from all sources and allows support for billions of records and thousands of users. It uses an open-platform structure, which allows everyone who has access to easily share data to workgroups, particular departments, and even other employees.

Visual Features

Visually, QlikView Dashboard delivers easy to interpret visual implementations in the form of graphical detail. This can be pie charts, bar graphs, etc. The software is highly interactive and provides the desired results efficiently. So, it does not matter whether you want sales data, cost analysis, profit projections, etc. The software retrieves related data from several databases to deliver smart analysis and interpretational results in a graphical interface.

Integration Features

You can view data created from several applications and systems to present a combined analysis or projection. In other words, it works with and retrieves information from different software programs, different data banks, and different networks to present accurate data representations.

Compatibility Features

Qlikview works with any device that is HTML5 compliant so data can be retrieved through mobile devices, laptops, tablets, desktop PCs, Macs, and more. This provides corporate wide connections to business data and access to the data reporting tools. Thus, you need to go-through Qlik Sense Advanced Training.

Customization Features

Qlikview, just like many applications, utilizes third-party add-ons. This means that your company can customize it to the needs of the business and the type of business. Customized apps can be developed to integrate within the Qlik Advanced Training platform utilizing scripting. It can be incorporated into existing business software using application program interfaces (APIs). Qlik® utilizes partner affiliations, such as Inside Info of Australia, to implement QlikView to areas across the globe with customized solutions and integration strategies within company structures, but companies can customize the application themselves if they decide.

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