Basics That Taxation Scholars Must Know By Taxation Law Assignment Help

Posted by lily101 on January 27th, 2020

Taxation means when the taxing authority or the government imposes a tax. From income tax to estate taxes and capital gains the term ‘taxation’ is used for all forms of involuntary levies. Taxes are imposed by the government of almost every country of the world to generate revenue for the state or government expenditures and to serve many other purposes too. There are two major forms of taxes –

  • Direct tax - Direct tax is assessed upon the tax-paying capacities of evaluates such as their wealth and income.

  • Indirect tax - Indirect taxes are levied on transactions or objects unconcerned of the capabilities of taxpayers.

In this article, scholars will know the general principles and objectives of taxation that will help them while working on their assignments.

Different Objectives Of Taxation

The prime aim of taxation is to elevate the income to fulfil public spendings. Many governmental steps and areas are financed through taxation and at the same time taxation policy has many non-revenue objects too.

We cannot deny the fact that in the modern era, taxation is s prime tool of economic practice. Different types of taxation objectives mentioned below.

  • Economic Development

Economic development is an important objective of taxation. Financial development of any state is majorly controlled by the increment of capital emergence. Capital formation is known as the center of economic development.


  • Full Employment

Another objective of taxation is full employment. As we know that the amount of employment is based on an active demand, a nation aims to accomplish the goal of full employment cannot achieve it without cutting down the rate of taxes. 

  • Stability Of Price

Taxation is used to assure price stability. Taxes are treated as an active way of managing inflation. By increasing the rate of private spending, direct taxes can be managed. By doing this the pressure on the commodity exchange will decrease naturally.

Various Types Of Taxation

There are different types of taxation a few of them are noted below.

Consumption Tax

This type of tax is the tax imposed on the funds spent by the people and not the funds earned by them. Types of consumption tax such as - sales tax that state governments impose to increase the revenue. Some examples of consumption taxes are - taxes charged on gasoline, alcohol, etc.

Proportional Tax

This type of tax is similar to the flat tax. Taxpayers at every level of income would pay the equal share in the taxes. Proportional taxes are ordinary taxes that are available at the state level but not at the federal level.

Ad Valorem Tax or VAT

The full form of VAT is Value Added Tax. Ad Valorem is a type of consumption tax that consumers pay when they buy any product as same as sales tax.

How To Ease Taxation Assignment Pressure?

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