Best tips on how to buy the right ripple Mattress

Posted by rose wells on January 27th, 2020

Usually, most people feel that simply lying down on the mattress is enough to certify its superior quality, however, hopping from one mattress to another is a wrong way to approach this. Recline on the mattress for at least 10 minutes to get the idea of how your body seems to respond to the comfort of the mattress. Here are a few steps which will guide you on how to choose the perfect ripple mattress online or offline for yourself : 


Basics of a mattress

There are usually three kinds of mattresses, and there is no ‘right’ mattress. The right mattress is the one that makes you feel home and comfortable. It largely depends on the material of the stuffing, which is innerspring, foam and adjustable. The selection of your ripple mattress online should be influenced by your sleep style, bed partner and comfort, so delve into this article to learn more about it: - 


  • Innerspring mattresses


  • The nice bouncy mattress with extra-durable coils along with individually pocketed ones, to reduce the effect of ripple (when someone on the other side moves). These have foam out layers in quilted ticking with a thick-looking pillow top which will compress over time.

  • These have more pressure relief than foam or latex mattresses and works well for side sleepers.

  • Innerspring mattresses aided with memory pockets are good for those who toss a lot in their sleep. The medium-firm has good "motion isolation’, but it is crucial to note that it is less comfortable at times since there is less scope for comfort.



  • Memory foam and/or latex mattresses


  • With less spring and firmer base, the quality and thickness of the foam are important determinants in deciding their nature for comfort. These are usually less springy. The latest designs have the heavier ones in the bottom for support and lighter ones on top for comfort.

  • These are great for those who sleep hot as it can absorb body heat by a huge amount and help in the sinking of your body on the mattress. 

  • These are inherently microbial and advisable for those who have allergies. Their anti-allergen top keeps irritants at bay. It also molds according to body support and is good for those with back pains.



  • Adjustable :


  • Imagine a remote that controls how much air is inside your ripple mattress, allowing you and your partner to customize your mattresses effectively. The ones with a foam design have soft and firm sides, to allow flipping if needed, and modular designs with springs on either side.

  • These are great for those who sleep on their stomach, as the mattress can be firmed up accordingly.


It is also essential to check the return policy of these mattresses, whether you take the e-way or the old fashioned shopping way. As a general rule, ripple mattress in Malaysia usually stays in good shape for five to ten years post which they lose their strength. So next time, you go for a mattress hunt, keep these pointers in your mind for a better investment.


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