How you can recreate the education as the best tool for women empowerment

Posted by pooja late on January 27th, 2020

A proper and good education is important for all of the women. Proper education provides to facilitate quality learning. Learning is the process of achieving knowledge, skills, habits, and beliefs. People just need to get more awareness of education in our society. The only ultimate way of getting victory for personal and social problems is education.

Importance of educating women

To live a joyful life you have to be educated. It transforms you from the inside world to the outside world by changing your mindset and as well as improving the confidence level. Learning education has no age group; any age group can get an education at any time. It will help you to guide in the right way and to determine what is right and what is wrong.

Girl child education in India enables them to get rid of poverty, illiteracy. It helps in leading a healthy lifestyle and also raising their standard of living for their children, family, and community. Especially for a girl, education is more important to reduce the female illiteracy rate. If you educate a girl, you educate a whole family and a nation proverb proves about the above topic itself.

Overview of the empowerment of women in society

Empowering the girls is the most powerful one and it is the key to economic growth, political stability, and social transformation. It is the process of increasing the capacity of individual girls or women to make their choice and to transform it into desired results and outcomes.

The equal rights of women and men make a quality society and also can improve the economic status of the nation. Men should come forward to realize the power of Indian women and they are more powerful than men. Women empowerment can help us in reducing poverty, developing our country and it is a good opportunity for the creation of the next generation.

Empowering girl children in India is an effective tool used to strengthen their participation in decision making which is important to the socio-economical development.

How to promote girl-child education in India?

Various measures have been suggested by the Indian government to promoting education to girl child includes providing schools in the nearby location, the opening of new schools, also the starting girls section in boys school itself. By appointing more qualified staffs you can also improve the existing schools.

Providing scholarships to poor background students can enable them to motivate in studies. Provide other benefits free medical and health facilities for school children establishment of crèches, etc.

Final verdict

Empowering the girl child in India plays a main role in our society and education is the best tool for women empowerment in India. One of the important things is to make them a part of decision making and they can able to achieve greater things in life.

Providing free education, encouraging married women to take up at least part-time education in the village schools and also to work as a mother.

A majority of women reported that their self-confidence increased since coming to the educational institutions helping them to make decisions of their own and able to speak in front of groups.

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