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Posted by Fatima on January 27th, 2020

Pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and other factors contribute to changes that happen to a woman’s body. When exercise and diet programs don’t give the desired result, the patient may consider a “mommy makeover” which is a combination of procedures to reshape their body.

Mommy makeover includes several procedures, on a woman’s body to reshape it after pregnancy. The mommy makeover in San Antonio includes procedures like tummy tuck, a breast lift with or without implants, and liposuction. 

 A mommy makeover helps to reverse the physical changes women can experience during pregnancy, such as:

● Droopy or saggy breasts

● Diastasis, or the separation of abdominal muscles from pregnancy

● Loose skin on the lower abdomen

● Stubborn fat on the waist and hips 

AS no two women are alike, thus it applies to surgeons too. So it is definitely a little difficult and a question for research to choose the best plastic surgeon. Though the plastic surgeons are using the latest technology, products, and techniques, to achieve safe, and effective results, choosing the perfect surgeon is a wise decision.

The internationally recognized plastic surgeon will definitely deliver outstanding clinical care and will conduct groundbreaking research and also he would provide guidance and answers to any of the questions to patients before and after the surgery.

 Mommy makeover surgeries in San Antonio are growing day by day, as everyone wants to look beautiful and young. The count of women undergoing mommy makeovers, plastic surgery procedures that restore their post-pregnancy bodies, has increased in the past years. Though the term to stay young has changed a lot, as earlier listening to music, going to a restaurant, wearing the clothes they wish was the sign of staying young. But as time has changed the concept of looking and staying young has actually changed and resulted in a mommy makeover.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS), 36% of cosmetic procedures are performed on patients between the age of 30 and 39; 29% of them were aged 20 to 29. Breast augmentation has increased by 55%, going from 212,500 procedures to 329,326. Breast lifting is another favorite among the mommy makeover crowd which went up to 96% during the past six years. Tummy tucks jumped a whopping and buttock lifts have also increased.

Even cosmetic ‘genitoplasty’ that is labia minora ’or ‘labia majora, has come into vogue.

Along with this many patients for lip enhancement in San Antonio are seen. To improve the appearance of lips, to get a perfect pout, gummy smile, Smokers line, lip enhancement have many solutions for each appearance.

There is definitely a trend towards using other types of dermal filler to achieve more structure, shaping and longer-lasting properties for beautiful lips.

Between nonsurgical and surgical options for all the cosmetic and plastic surgery processes, you have many choices and options to look younger, bold and beautiful, and sexy. Mommy makeover surgery is the best option to improve self-confidence and sexual confidence.

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