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Early American History is a long period that has influenced the further life in the United States a lot. It was extremely vivid, bright, and full of battles and changes. Every intelligent citizen should be acquainted with the history of the place where he or she lives, and should definitely respect it

Undoubtedly, one of the remarkable events of the early American history was the American Civil War that lasted from 1861 to 1865 . It took a considerate number of lives; it demanded many efforts from the American population; as well as it brought great changes to the political, social, and cultural life.

Slavery was the main concern of that time. The American history witnessed various movements aimed to destroy slavery and gain freedom. Still, the legendary figure of that period was Abraham Lincoln who became the sixteenth President of the United Stated of America. Abraham Lincoln ruled the country from 1861 to 1865 . He undoubtedly had a significant influence on the American people.

During the time of Lincoln’s ruling, the process of slavering started to lessen, especially on the North of the country. On the 1st of January, 1863 Abraham Lincoln showed the world his Emancipation Proclamation that guaranteed freedom to some slaves . Many slaves got their rights equal to the rights of the white people. They got the opportunity to have work, serve in the army, and live a free life. Nevertheless, the Southern states had not wanted to abolish slavery for a long time. This way, the country informally divided into two parts, and eventually, the conflict of North and South resolved: Abraham Lincoln managed to issue the 13th Amendment to the Constitution and get its ratification on December 6, 1865 that guaranteed the slavery abolishment. This way, the President managed to reunite the Northern and the South states into a single union .

In fact, as a politician, Abraham Lincoln gained not only glory and fame, but also managed to win love and respect of many people by means of his words and deeds. He did not make idle promises while governing the country; he tried all his best to do everything for people and build a true democratic society.

Since the invention of the cinematography, many movies depicted the history of the United States of America. In both old and new movies, producers allow themselves to exaggerate the historical events and show their own understanding of what was happening in the early years of the USA. Recently, in 2012, the new film “Lincoln” gained the world fame at once. It is a modern film, directed by Steven Spielberg, starring talented actors who managed to play their characters excellently. Thanks to Steven Spielberg’s laborious work, “Lincoln” turned out to be extremely interesting, impressive, and capturing movie. Moreover, the screening of the events happened to be rather realistic and accurate, from the historical point of view.

Speaking about the accuracy of this movie, firstly, the appearance similarity of the characters must be admitted. Abraham Lincoln, as well as his screen version, was a tall and scrawny man who wore a beard. The movie truly illustrates Lincoln’s wisdom, firmness of purpose, devotion to his country, and his aim to preserve the united nation, and serve to the Constitution of the USA. Besides, the President indeed had the family that had been living in Washington, D.C. since 1861.

Furthermore, the “Lincoln” movie depicted all the notable events and atmosphere of that period. While watching the movie, one can see the Civil War process, follow the procedure of the passage of the 13th Amendment, and discover the cultural part of the President’s life. In fact, it is also true that Americans re-elected Abraham Lincoln for the second time, and he wanted to use this opportunity to pass the 13th Amendment to prove that he was against slavery indeed and to provide free future for those who used to be slaves. At the same time, he cared about his family, but he did not have much time to spend with them as he always had to be ready to act. In addition, as a President, he had to visit different social events and organize receptions. By the way, the movie shows one more accurate fact that Abraham Lincoln was indeed killed in the theatre.

As a matter of fact, Lincoln got the nickname “Honest Abe” for his character ; and the movie proved it. The actor, who played the President, managed to express the honesty, sincerity and rightness of Lincoln’s deeds. If to remember how he tried to get more voices in voting, is the movie proved that he refused to give money or other bribes to his opponents; he proposed only the guaranteed working place in the future. Abraham Lincoln possessed unique talent to persuade people basing on moral and valid grounds. Moreover, only a person who loved and respected his fatherland was able to find a compromise in order to save unity of the country and people’s lives but not to continue the war.

One more exact depiction in the movie was the social life of those times. In those days, the United States of America consisted of two opposing parts because of their different attitudes towards slavery. Many of the white people were afraid of slaves’ freedom; they did not want to accept them in their society and share working places with them, they were not ready to become equal with those who had been slaves only recently.

Thus, on watching the film “Lincoln” a person can deeply feel the true atmosphere of the early American history. It is easy to understand the main problem of the American society of those times - slavery and slaves. Moreover, it describes the conflict between Lincoln and his supporters and those who were against slavery abolition. In regard to all this, “Lincoln” demonstrates the very lifestyle the President tries to build and the steps he makes towards regulating the conflict.

According to the history documents, as well as the movie “Lincoln,” it is obvious that the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the USA, passed by Abraham Lincoln, helped many people obtain freedom. It influenced the future development of the USA a lot and played a decisive role in its formation as a democratic country.

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