What to Consider Before Renting a Portable Restroom?

Posted by thelavatoryfresno on January 27th, 2020

Whether you are throwing a party, planning a wedding at a location without any facility, there are many portable restrooms options from which you can choose. The company you are renting for the occasion believes us or not can make the difference. So, knowing what type of porta potties you require and what type of company will be best suited for it is the key to get the best restroom experience. Below information will you help you select the right fancy restroom rentals in Modesto:


Selecting the right type


Before starting looking for Porta potties, first assess your sanitation needs like how many workers are at the construction site? Are you having a wedding? How many guests you have invited? Figuring about the right type of restroom is the first step in selecting the right portable restroom for you.



Fancy restroom trailers


If you are looking for superior potty-potties then nothing is better than fancy restroom trailers. They have amusing facilities such as running water, sinks, climate control, and trash receptacles. These restrooms are much cleaner than their standard restroom counterparts. If you are planning for a wedding or a special event in Modesto then check out all the fancy restroom rentals in Modesto and surrounding areas


The only drawback with luxury restroom trailers is that it does require an electrical outlet and water spigot. Better to speak to restrooms rentals to find out which and how many trailers you will require. This will help you avoid over-usage and do not let you feel embarrassed in front of your guests.


Air-conditioned vs standard restrooms


After selecting the type of restroom, the next thing would be is to ask whether to go with climate control or not. At what time of year your event would happen and what type of event it isIs it a wedding or a birthday party in JulyIf this is so, then it’s best to consider air-conditioned rentals. Your guest would appreciate a cool, clean and sanitized bathroom when they are all dressed up for your special day. if you want to host a simple BBQ in your park then a standard Porta-Potties would be a good option for you.


If you are having a wedding in extreme winters then decide on a heated luxury restroom accompanied by a hot water sink. You can also choose a standard Porta Potty with an electric heater to host simple outdoor events in winters.


Sanitation Practices


Many people hesitate in going inside Porta Potties, but your guests don’t need to worry if you know how to select the right portable restroom. It will be good if you ask the potential fancy restroom rentals about their cleaning practices. Do they clean, sanitize and stock the necessary items in the portable trailers? This is the easiest way to ensure that the trailers show up in the best condition.