7 Easy Date Night Ideas for Valentine's Day

Posted by Jennifer L Kropf on January 27th, 2020

Valentine's Day is coming! Ah, the holiday that puts every relationship front and center. If you don't often put your partner first, this is a great time to make them feel valued.

Do you have something special planned yet? If not, check out these seven easy date night ideas. They give that little romantic spark we all look forward to on Valentine's Day. 

1. Do a Progressive Date

If you're able to get out, make a normal dinner special by changing it up. Visit one restaurant for drinks, one for dinner, and one for dessert. You'll have a great time people watching and living it up on the town.

2. Cook a Romantic Dinner

If you have kids, put them to bed a little early and enjoy dinner or dessert just the two of you (after kid bedtime). Split up the responsibilities to make it more fun! One person is in charge of dinner, while the other takes care of dessert. Make it a surprise for each other!

3. Go on a Winter Hike

We're all missing vitamin D this time of year. So, take your sweetheart out to a deserted trail. Enjoy a quiet and serene hike together. You'll get peace and quiet, exercise, and quality time with your significant other. It's a huge win!

4. Have a Romantic Picnic (Inside if necessary)

Take a homemade picnic out to a special spot, or simply stay in with snacks and picnic food. Choose a spot by the fire, in the closet, or in bed. By choosing someplace different it makes the ordinary special. 

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5. Have a Backwards Date

Take your normal date, and do it backward! Sometimes it's best to have dessert first!

6. Go Wine-Tasting

Get out and enjoy wines with your partner. If you're stuck in then buy two or three bottles of your own and test them out. If you're into other beverages, do a whiskey or champagne taste test. The sky's the limit! This idea can be applied to food as well.

7. Re-enact Your First Date

Finally, what are the special memories you keep from your first date? Go out on a Valentine's date that resembles that first time. It will bring back sweet memories plus add a sentimental touch to your special night.

In Conclusion

Valentine's Day can become overblown, but at it's core is the reminder to there for our partners. Say I love you. Hold a door open. And put just a little effort in for a special time together. You won't regret it. Amazing relationships take effort, but the rewards are great.

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