5 Household Plumbing Warning Signs You Should Be Aware Of!

Posted by Joseph S Wirth on January 27th, 2020

Most homeowners don’t realize they’re experiencing a plumbing problem until it’s way too late and they’re in some serious, well, trouble. Serious plumbing emergencies can be very costly, so they’re definitely something that anyone should try to avoid at all costs. 

We’re very lucky to have partnered up with a plumbing services provider out of Salt Lake City called Beehive Plumbing to assist us in creating this list of 5 warning signs that homeowners should know about.

By going through this list you’ll be putting you and your family in a much better position to avoid more costly issues with your plumbing system. So here are the 5 plumbing warning signs you should be aware of:

  1. Gurgling

Gurgling is always a bad sign when you hear it coming from your appliances like your dishwasher or toilet, and this is predominately because it’s a warning signs to a serious plumbing issue like a clogged drain.

This is especially the case if the toilet is gurgling when it hasn’t been recently used, and it can lead to a lot of backup throughout your entire plumbing system so it’s a very serious warning sign!

  1. Hearing water running through your pipes or toilet

This is a warning sign for leaking pipes, which can cause catastrophic structural damage throughout your property if it isn’t handled swiftly. Some of these warning signs also include brown or wet spots on your walls or ceilings, and it’s something that you’ll always need a professional plumber to come properly assess.

Hissing sounds are a lot worse than water simply running in the toilet, and you’ll want to make sure your water heater is in proper conditions too!

  1. Low Water Pressure Issues 

When your home is experiencing any kind of low water pressures issues, it could mean that you’re simply going through a gunk buildup phase within your faucet or shower’s aerator.

If you clear out the gunk from your aerator and you still have water pressure issues, then you may be experiencing something much more serious. It could be the result of any type of serious plumbing issue like a fractured pipe, water leak, or waterline erosion. 

  1. Slow Drains

There is a whole array of issues that may arise from this warning sign within you bathroom or kitchen sinks, and for the most part it’s always best to simply call a pro to come over to your house to fix these types of issues. This is the same for any tub or toilet that’s draining slowly as well. 

When homeowners try to release these types of clogs they can ultimately end up creating more damage to their piping systems, so don’t make this mistake in thinking this is a simple DIY repair job! 

  1. Sewage or Sulfur Odor

When a homeowner smells rotten eggs throughout their home, the odds are that they’re experiencing a broken vent within their sewage pipes within the property’s foundation. Your foundation can be completely ruined from this type of plumbing problem, and you can also cause environmental problems in your neighborhood too.

If you ever, ever smell anything odd or foul in your home, it’s time to call a professional plumber to come check it out ASAP!

If you have any more questions about plumbing warning signs, reach out to the experts at Beehive Plumbing via the link at the top of the article!

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