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Posted by Sam Jason on January 28th, 2020

When you are sending iMessage from Mac, and it does not send and get errors. So how you deal with iMessage not working on Mac issue? Maybe you keep trying to send a few messages and not get any positive results. So there are few ways to fix these errors. So you can follow our troubleshooting methods.

Check Internet connection on computer and iPhone
Before the fix, this error, make sure to check the internet connection is working fine without any issues. Even it connected to the internet, try to open a web page and check whether it works. After that, follow these methods.

Restart both iPhone and Mac device
Due to service failures, iMessage service can be stopped working on Mac. So restart both devices, then all services will get the start again and work without any issues.

Check iMessage account setting on Mac and iPhone
On Mac, go to Message app and Preferences and Accounts. Now you can check the email address and phone number.
Also, go to Setting on iPhone and Message and Send and receive, both an email address and Phone numbers are the same if it is not the same correct it to work iMessage on Mac.

Sign Out and Sign in iMessage on both devices
On the Mac device, Go to message app and preferences and accounts. On the right side, you can see the sign out button. Click on it and sign out from iMessage. Within a few minutes, sign in with the apple. Account details.
On iPhone, Go to Setting and Message and tap on the iMessage toggle switch and wait few minutes and turn on the toggle switch.
When it on, a small number of credits will deduct for service. Therefore you have enough credits to active iMessage after deactivate.

I hope these above methods help to solve iMessage, not sending on the Mac issue. If none of the methods works for you, contact apple support for the help.

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