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Posted by Cragwatson on January 28th, 2020

If you are running a business then you very well know that each Logo Design has a central characteristic to them, but overall there are 3 basic things which are very important, when it comes to the design

  • Imagery – artwork: it can be abstract or with reference of the product or service offered. It can also be a synonym or symbol of a product, however at times can also be a short slogan with ultra-expressive colors.
  • Font type, style and size: these all count and one small difference can really change the whole outlook.
  • Color – of everything and the relationship between the colors chosen

 Types of logos:

We can differentiate 3 key types of logos these days:

  1. Font based: it’s when font becomes the representative of the company brand. When it’s chosen well and used smartly in advertisements, people will soon identify your business name based on the fonts used.
  2. Literal illustrations: this is when the Company Logo Design will represent one or more characters which refer to the type of good offered or type of business done.
  3. Symbols:  these are which can be or are normally patented. These sorts of Creative Logo Design need the highest amount of thinking and also mean the higher level of brand building. It’s about finding out anything of an abstract form which will represent the brand. Nike’s swoosh symbol is a perfect example for that.
  4. Combination of the 3:  of course New Logo Design is combinations of the above 3 key types. It’s normally the 1-3 and 2-3 pairing.

Choosing the logo highly depends on the type of business they are for.

img 1

The key characteristics of logos:

As for their nature, there are several sorts of logos out there. Let’s see what key nature logos exist:

Classic – classic Brand Logo is always really liked by the public, especially these past years when they have their renaissance.

Ultra-modern – the logos which really want to be as unique as possible, for the good, yet sometimes for the bad.

Incentive – the logos for Branding Perth which inspire and motivate people to go in and buy the product/ service. Sun, sea and sand for a tourist office is a perfect example.

Serious/Professional – companies such as lawyers, attorneys and the rest who cannot afford to have a logo which is too funny or bright.

It’s needless to say that all the above three features need to add up and be in harmony in order for them to create that bombastic mix which is called high profile branding: creating a logo which would really make the audience remember and connect with. And that’s when you can go for making your brand and company name a registered trademark. If you need assistance on trademark in Italy, contact the local expert who can assist you with all things brand and trademark related. With expert’s help you can easily achieve your goals related to business logo and business branding.

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