5 Important Factors that Motivate and Satisfy Employees to Work Hard

Posted by Faizan Ahmed on January 28th, 2020

Employees need to be fully satisfied so that they can work with total peace of mind and peak productivity. If you think that there is no link between employees being content with their work and peak productivity, this blog will tell you why exactly this is the case. 

Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness for employees is as important as the salary they get or the perks that are offered to them. While salary and perks look obvious to all of us, if an employee is emotionally not happy or stable, the time he spends on the workplace or the way he works will not be productive enough. In short, there is a strong link between how one feels at the workplace and well he can perform. Up to 90% of the people think this way, according to the latest research. 

So, what are the factors that can boost the emotional wellness of an employee so that his productivity level can increase? The following are five important factors in this concern that I would like to explain briefly. 

1. Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) 

If you think that EAP is not for your company or won’t fit in your specific business, it is not correct. Across the small business and startups, job switch, even within weeks of joining a company, is quite common. Employees get emotional, even over a petty issue, and may leave a job in haste without thinking twice about the consequences. 

With EAP, a company can start by giving a handbook to the employees, stating exactly what they can expect after giving their hundred percent. When all the employees are on the same page, they will be aware of a detailed route map to success, so no one can complain in the future that they are being treated unfairly or not given promotion/salary hike. 

2. Flexible Work Schedules 

We all know the various benefits of a flexible working schedule for employees. Many businesses offer such flexibility so that employees can come to work after taking care of other commitments. In some cases, it as an absolute necessity as without it, an employee can’t work with peace of mind, like a single parent or a person pursuing higher education. 

Relaxation in terms of timings doesn’t mean that an employee’s performance will be compromised, or he will work for fewer hours than required. It is all about giving him an option and facility so that he can work with full intensity without thinking about an obligation he has to complete. 

3. Business and Leisure Trips

Business trips are a productive way of engaging employees. Experienced employees can take some of their junior colleagues with them on a business trip. There are several reasons for which this can be a life-changing experience for them as they can learn a lot about how to deal with the clients and to close out deals. Going to different places, especially abroad can make employees gain confidence too.

Leisure trips, on the other hand, is like a prize or bonus for the best performing employees. This can be a great motivating factor for them so that all the employees strive for perfection and completing all the tasks assigned to them. The use of an online task management software or tool can make things work for them as they can learn how to go about their tasks productively. 

4. Learning Opportunities 

Employees who are willing to work hard to look for every opportunity so that their skills can be nourished. They look for learning opportunities so that they can enhance their skills and work for the betterment and prosperity of the company. Giving them promotion is one of the many few opportunities so that an employee feels responsible and doesn’t have a laid-back attitude while at work. 

Workshops, exhibitions, and seminars are another way a person can learn new things and processes related to his industry. Often the latest technologies and new products are launched in exhibitions and a workshop. It is discussed how a new product or process can work in favor of a company or its employees. 

In-house training can be most effective if given properly and after regular intervals. Through in-house training sessions, there are several reasons why people are especially dealing with clients or working on products/services, will benefit. It is, in fact, in favor of a company as in the end, it will increase the productivity of the company that will improve, increasing the profit margin. 

5. Small Teams for more Productivity 

If you got a notion that big teams can complete a task more quickly and efficiently, think again. Imagine this; a team with five employees and a team with 50 employees. Which one will be easier to manage? Of course, a small team. For increased productivity and making sure projects and tasks are taken care of easily, it is highly recommended that small teams are created so that they can be taken care of in the required time. 

Ideally, any team over five people can be hard to manage by a person. Even the employees working in the group or team can feel a bit odd in working in a big team. You can talk to 2-3 people and get to know them. But if there are 20-30 people in a team, it will be virtually impossible for a person to get to know each member of the team. A team member not satisfied with how a team is working will be of not a very productive member of it.

It is where the leadership activities and qualities of the CEO or managers come into play. Engaging team members and get the work done from them can be troublesome for a manager. And employees are also happy working in small teams so that they can complete tasks and ultimately the project. 

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