Top 7 tips to start and grow your YouTube Channel from Zero

Posted by johnmiller33 on January 28th, 2020

All the YouTubers try to grow their influencers on YouTube. This post briefs in detail about how you can grow your influencer if you are starting from scratch with zero YouTube views and subscribers. The post briefs about the top 7 tips on how to grow your influencer.

  1.      Start before you’re Ready:

It is so important not to wait for all the answers and you need to upload your own videos so that you can have something for those people subscribes to you and secondly you need to learn what it takes to make compelling content that will get people to your channel. Your first video is the worst of all your videos. So you need to start to upload your first video in order to learn how to create the best videos on YouTube.

  1.      Share your Channel:

Your friends and family are your best supporters when you are just starting out uploading a new video on YouTube. So you need to show them your starting YouTube channel. There is a good chance that people have at least hundreds of friends on their Facebook page, which would be perfect people to be your first subscribers when you are just starting out.

Starting thinking about network and putting links of your YouTube video in your Instagram buyer, posting on social media. So you need to let the world know that you are posting YouTube videos. Do this everywhere and put some passion around your vision for YouTube and start telling some people.


  1.      Focus on a Niche:

Having a powerful niche is more powerful than having a general channel.  In reality, if you try and reach everybody then you end up reaching with nobody. So you need to find your target audience and their interest. Start small in order to get big. Take a pencil and paper and note down why people would be interested in your content. It really takes some time but it is worth doing it.

And the second thing you want to define is the value proposition of the audience. New YouTubers should understand that it is harder to be like a famous YouTuber right away.  You just need to focus on your niche type of content that is very specific. It is very easy for people to find your new channel because you are interested in same type of content. This way you get the best success in creating the video. This is the quickest way to get one Million YouTube views and subscribers.

  1.     Engage:

This very important task, because it is not necessary for the video you upload. This is something you are doing after uploading your video. Go to other people’s videos comment; go on the social media channels. Go on social media and find the people that are interested in your type of content. And wipe with them by commenting, answering and reply to them. Don’t just ask them for subscribership straightly.

  1.     Focus on YouTube Fundamentals:

Focus on the fundamentals and the level of everything you do will rise. Always focus on basic things such as good title, good thumbnail, video tagging. Every YouTube success story starts with basic. Study and master YouTube fundamental to create a great video that will bring more views and subscribers. There is a lot to learn, so put some time and effort and start practicing the fundamentals.

  1.     Content is the King:

Don’t forget about your content because it is the first thing that adds value to the video. If your video makes someone laugh, provide answers to the question, and solve the problem. Then you are on the right track. It will help you to get more subscribers and viewers for your videos. We all know that content is the king. So if you want to get success on YouTube then you need quality content.

Do some research and spend some time on YouTube search bar looking for video ideas.  This will help you to get some ideas for your video and title. Spend some time even asking a question on Twitter or in the community looking for a hot topic that is trending in your culture. And plan your video accordingly that will improve the strength of your content.

  1.      Create searchable content:

If you are creating some content and your target customers are not able to find it then you are losing the organic search game. Always check your title and ensure that people are searching for similar search terms in the search engine. Always pick news and trending topics so that people searching for the topic find your video easily. 

YouTube is the 2nd largest search in the world. If your video shows up on the top for a particular search term then your channel will grow fast.  If your title is not interesting and compelling enough then you will not get enough views and subscribers to your YouTube channel. You always need to ask yourself what channel do you watch and why you subscriber to somebody. Those are the things you have to ask yourself for your own content. If you don’t, even you post hundreds of videos on YouTube and you will not get enough subscribers and viewers for your channel.

Follow the above seven things to get more viewers and subscribers to your channel. But always keep patients as great things take time and work.   And always keep uploading new videos and you will grow.

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