Want to Invest in Art? Is it a Good Investment to Make? New Delhi Art Gallery

Posted by ryan on January 28th, 2020

Investing in artistic works or art may be a brilliant idea if it is something you truly love and admire. However, it can be risky too and hence; you need to do your research properly. Art can do more than just brightening a living space. The art market has become one of the hottest new investment fads in recent years. Painting and sculpture collectors usually buy pieces with an eye towards adding to their investment portfolio.

But will art investment really earn you a profit? Investing in art from New Delhi Art Gallery? Well, let us find out!

How do Art Investments work?

Like stocks and shares, art can increase in value. If an up and coming artist goes on to a successful career, the cash value of their work will shoot up. According to an Art Basel annual report, the estimated global art market sales reached over billion in 2018.

Art is a long-term investment- Profits from artistic masterpieces don’t happen overnight. Experts recommend art investment for patient investors with a time window of 10 years or more, so think of the long term. There are many art investors that include paintings in their estate planning as assets to pass on to their descendants.

Art Market moves on its own- One of the major advantages of art as an asset is that its value doesn’t rise or decline with the stock market scenario. Even if your stocks are not performing well, your art investment may be doing great. And ideally speaking, although not always, artistic masterpieces will always continue appreciating in value over time.

How to Invest in Art?

Begin by deciding how much money you are willing to spend. It should actually be an amount you can afford to part with in case the price of art work goes down. Do not forget to factor in possible storage and maintenance costs. Search for New Delhi art gallery; where up and coming artists tend to showcase their artistic pieces. Once a piece of art catches your attention, you can start narrowing down your research to see how much a particular artwork costs.

You can either buy an artwork yourself- which is a costly option- or you can buy shares in artwork through an online marketplace comprising of New Delhi art galleries.

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