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The Cost of Ignoring Office Ergonomics

Posted by goldtouch on January 28th, 2020

How ergonomic is your office? Office ergonomics have been gaining popularity for years, and with good reason. Repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) are among the leading causes of workers’ comp claims and can range anywhere from general discomfort to chronic conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. So, are office ergonomics something you should worry about? In short: Yes. Here are a few things that can happen if you ignore office ergonomics.

Higher Workers’ Comp Claims

Perhaps among the worst cases possible, paying out workers’ compensation claims can be costly for any business no matter how big, small, or frequently the claims come in. These claims aren’t reserved for just serious accidents such as a fall or broken bones—RSIs are among the costliest in the nation. Although RSIs won’t always appear suddenly and dramatically, over time, the problem can become serious, and sometimes all it takes to help prevent them is the option to use an ergonomic mouse over a standard one.

Higher Absenteeism

When workers are inflicted with a serious RSI, it can keep them off the job, which costs a business in lost productivity. Sick days happen, but overcoming an RSI requires rest, therapy, and in serious cases, surgery. Most companies can’t afford to lose a worker for weeks, let alone months, so ergonomics should be a core component of the overall corporate wellness program.

The best part is it’s as simple as equipping every desktop with devices like an ergonomic keyboard, ergonomic mouse, or standing desk converter. Some of the most prominent companies in the world are realizing this, and even small companies could benefit from giving workers more comfort.

General Discomfort

Even if an employee doesn’t file a claim or mention any discomfort, giving them the option to use an ergonomic mouse and ergonomic keyboard at the very least can help them feel more comfortable in their work and help reduce the chance of an RSI developing over time. General discomfort can hurt productivity and overall happiness while at work. Equip your workers with comfortable solutions, and they’ll feel right at home on the job.

Lower Productivity

It’s no secret that when we’re comfortable, we’re more likely to get more work done. Consider working in an uncomfortable office chair all day—you’ll spend more time fidgeting trying to find that sweet spot rather than focusing on the job at hand. This trend continues all the way to office devices like mice and keyboards.

With our wrists bent in an uncomfortable position, typing for hours on end becomes physically strenuous. This can greatly reduce productivity over time and even lead to RSIs, so consider offering an ergonomic solution as part of an overall corporate wellness program. The results might surprise you. Just be sure that you’re offering a device that allows individual customization so employees can find the perfect position for their wrists and hands.

About Goldtouch

Goldtouch specializes in ergonomic office solutions that can impact not only employee health, wellness, and happiness, but also, as a result, a company’s bottom line as well. With a Goldtouch ergonomic keyboard or mouse, workers feel more comfortable during their day-to-day duties with their wrists and hands in a position they’re comfortable with for hours on end. When employees feel more comfortable in their work, they tend to be happier and more productive, and their risk for developing a repetitive stress injury (RSI) drops. Goldtouch makes ergonomic office solutions that are highly customizable. Users can adjust the angle, pitch, and height of their products to find the perfect sweet spot. The brand offers ergonomic keyboards as well as ergonomic mice, a standing desk converter, and more.

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