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What to do if you find a bat inside your home.

Posted by SouthernPestNet on January 28th, 2020

Let's say you wake up one morning and find a bat flying around in your room.  A person might think to just shoo it outside.  Well, I am here to have you reconsider that decision.  

Bats are vector species.  This means they are capable of carrying and transmitting the rabies virus.  If a bat has made contact with a human it is necessary to have the bat tested to verify it does not have rabies.  BUT, if you set the bat free... you have to assume it had rabies and get rabies vaccinations.  What a pain that would be and without insurance it will cost around k.  Yes! TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. 

The rule of thumb is if the bat has been in the room with a person that was impaired, elderly, baby or confirmed contact then the bat has to be tested.  

I am one of the partners of a Wildlife Control Company and I am here to tell you DO NOT leave it up to other people.  It is your health, your life that is at risk.  In this situation you need to direct the professional to put the bat in a box and you personally contact the local health department to have the bat tested.  

If there was no contact (or issues mentioned above) then there is no need to have the bat killed and tested.  Just release the bat outside. 

When trying to catch a bat, if you think just throwing a towel over it will protect you.... let me show you a picture of their little skin-piercing teeth.  

Bat Hand Removed in North Metro Atlanta - georgia

Bats can hide in the tiniest, most obscure places.  You have to be a master at hide & go seek.  However, when it is dark they usually take flight.  So what we often have to do is to turn off the lights and just wait to hear it flying around then watch it land.  Woolah.  

Last issue is -  DO NOT HARM A BAT.  Most States have protected species of bats.  Bats are a fantastic contributor to the natural balance of our eco-system.  Harming bats could cause you to get HUGE fines.  

Visit our site about bat control at https://animaltrappingremoval.com/batremoval/

Written by: Verron Federation


Southern Wildlife Management, LLC

Dawsonville, GA 30534

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