Which are the Most Popular Luxury Cars in Dubai?

Posted by jack mae on January 28th, 2020

Dubai, the dream city all over the globe is famous for its top attractions and natural beauty. Annually, millions of tourists visit Dubai and they come from every corner of the world. Dubai is a home of the world’s best and 7-star hotels, largest skyscrapers, invaluable architectures, sandy, sunny beaches, hot desert safari, and outdated Arabian culture.

For this purpose, visitors need a luxury car for their road trip to the vibrant city, Dubai. There are many luxury car rentals in Dubai, UAE who are giving you the best and top-quality car rental services. 

They have a wide collection of a luxury car rental Dubai and these cars fulfill all road requirements. These cars give you high performance, high speed, comfort, fast engine, comfortable seats and much more.

No more wait, now we are doing to discuss which are the most popular luxury dream cars in the bustling city Dubai. Take a look below and get detail information about your dream exotic cars. 


Definitely one of the most notable car marques all over the globe, the foundation of the Aston Martin name returns to 1914 in England. As far back as the primary models were delivered explicitly to participate in rivalries and hill climbs. 

The car has become a maxim for power, performance and rich style with models developing to suit the changing tastes and needs of chauffeurs. Possibly Aston Martin's most well-known driver is James Bond, who was first observed in the driver's seat of one in the 1964 motion picture Goldfinger. 

The car has included in huge numbers of the Bond motion pictures from that point forward, with the DB5 in any event, making a return in the 2012 hit, Skyfall. Each and every car is affectionately hand-build at the organization's central command in Gaydon, Warwickshire in England by specialists. 

The ladies focus on each and every detail from the impeccable completion on the paintwork to the hand-sewing on the best quality leather hide upholstery. You can be certain that each car is splendidly adjusted, handles like a genuine sports carl and really is a dream drive with a choice of,

  • DB9 Volante

  • DB9

  • Virage Volante

  1. Audi 

The four circles in its logo speak to the four producers that met up to make the organization. Audi is one of the three major German producers of luxury cars, alongside,

  • BMW

  • Mercedes Benz

  • And has carved out a specific niche for itself as an imaginative brand which is consistently at the front line of car innovation. 

In 1980, one of its first instances of game-changing development came when Audi presented its Quattro go. These were a some of the absolute first cantinas to have long-lasting four-wheel drive. A pattern that numerous different producers rushed to pursue when they saw its potential for making cars with incredible performance and great taking care of. 

You can choose from sports cars like the superbly refined and powerful R8 and the distinctively-styled Audi TT, touring saloons like the A3 range and luxury SUVs which combine space and comfort with the very latest in automotive technology.

Audi is outstanding amongst other selling collections of luxury cars on the planet and it's not hard to perceive any reason why,

  • Stylish good looks

  • A beautiful drive

  • Impressive power 

You can pick out sports cars which join space and solace with the most recent in-car innovation, like,

  • The brilliantly refined and ground-breaking R8

  • The particularly styled Audi TT

  • Visiting cantinas like the A3 territory and luxury SUVs 


As far back as 1919 when W.O. Bentley first established the engine producer of a similar name. It has gotten one of the world's generally notable and looked for after luxury car marques. If you book one today, it will become evident precisely why this is the situation. 

But there’s a serious heritage of performance behind the brand too, as its cars have won the Le Mans 24 hour race no less than 6 times over the years and the lessons learned on the racetrack have all been incorporated into their “standard” models.

In any case, there's a genuine legacy of execution behind the brand. As well, as its cars have won the Le Mans 24-hour race no under multiple times throughout the years. It is maybe the Continental GT that changed Bentley from being an elite UK marque into a genuinely worldwide brand. 

This was the principal all-new model launched by the organization after it was procured by Volkswagen in 1998. With a determination of The Continental GTC, GTC Coupe and the Flying Spur, from various nations in Europe, you can make certain of a sumptuous drive. 

  1. BMW

BMW was set up in 1916, with its principle territory of activity being in assembling airship motors. Indeed, its notorious four-quartered blue and white identification implies a turning plane propeller. The expansive going subject matters include bikes just as the broad collection of cars.

It has been very successful in the world of motorsport including touring and rallying. In the mid-1990’s it was a BMW engine that powered the McLaren Formula One racing car.

It has been exceptionally effective in the world of motorsport including visiting and energizing. In the mid-1990's it was a BMW motor that controlled the McLaren Formula One hustling vehicle.

  1. Ferrari

Numerous individuals consider Ferrari to be the most popular car brand on the globe Its models are commonly simple to recognize from their modern shapes alone. 

The organization was initially set up in Maranello, Italy by the originator Enzo Ferrari in 1929. It was his goal to predominantly focus on motorsport. Today, the organization is 90% possessed by Fiat and the cars are likely the world's generally looked for after, Premium cars. 


So, Hire a luxury car rental Dubai today and enjoy your ride in the above-mentioned cars. Whenever you visit Dubai, try VIP Car Rental for booking a luxury car, the most reliable car rental in Dubai. Be with us and get informative posts.

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