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Posted by Ryan Stecklair on January 29th, 2020

Vertical blinds are the typical go to for large corporate settings and doctor offices.  They are low maintenance, provide privacy, and allow in varying amounts of light.  If you’re looking for something fresh, clean, and easy to maintain to cover your windows, vertical blinds are an exceptional choice.

Large windows, sliding glass doors, and even walls of windows are typically where verticals are used, however even if you have just one window and want a simple covering, vertical blinds are a great option.

Most vertical blinds, especially in corporate settings, are made in solid white fashion, however there are hundreds of styles to choose from.  From solid matte colors, to prints, textures, fabrics, wood grains, and pinholes, there’s no shortage of design options for vertical blinds to match your office setting. You can also get matching valances, or leave the head rail exposed to suit your style preferences!


Roller shades are great for home, office, or coffee shop!  The simple screen design is perfect for blocking the direct harshness of the sun while still allowing light to filter in.  These window coverings are usually manual, but there is an option for them to be remote control operated!

Of course, there are many kinds of roller shade fabrics.  You can choose from solid colors, light-filtering or room darkening fabrics, and even sheer or decorative designs.  Roller shades are an exceptional choice for any corporate or home office due to the simplicity of their design.


Draperies can be dramatic, elegant, bold, or whimsy!  With unending fabric types, prints and patterns, and sheers, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your office windows.  Of course, drapes aren’t the best option for every office environment, however they do help soften harsh walls and open up spaces for a brighter, more inviting feel and sense of comfort.  

Whether you have clients coming into a showroom, or just want to make your employees feel welcome and at home, consider custom draperies made to fit your windows and match your decor!

Horizontal blinds are a great go-to window treatment option for any office setting.  They come in the form of real wood blinds, faux woods, and even aluminum mini blinds (yep – they’re making a come-back!).  

Real wood blinds come in both dark and light tones, and have their own unique look due to the natural markings in wood.  These do come at a higher price, however wood horizontal blinds make each office space they occupy unique and exquisite.

Faux wood blinds also come in several color options, are lighter in weight, and work well in almost any environment. Whether you want to spruce up the window in the break room, or add some dimension to pocket offices, faux wood blinds are an easy choice!  They are fairly low maintenance (as long as you don’t have kids pulling on them or pets chewing them!) and very easy to clean.

Mini aluminum blinds are starting to make their come back.  They’re fairly simple to take care of, though they work better in smaller office settings that don’t require constant adjustment.  These blinds are very light weight and come in almost any color you can think of.  So if you’re looking to cover one or two windows, mini blinds are a the perfect solution.


Shutters are not your typical go-to window covering in an office setting, however in the right office space, they are the perfect touch.

Shutters are available in hollow vinyl, solid vinyl, and real wood options.  We typically only recommend solid vinyl and real wood due to their durability and longevity; however, whichever option you choose, shutters add a simple, clean touch to any office space and are perfect for allowing in varying amounts of light.

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