How to get an ISO 9001 Certification in South Africa

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A country with best geographical advantage for trade and business. The advanced economy of African continent is South Africa. South Africa government has always been an interested party in its organizations with most of the SOE’s have government share. ISO Certification in South Africa has been increasing. South Africa has vast resources of naturally occurring minerals. It also has been booming nation in terms of tourism. The economy has improved in triple folds post the end of apartheid. The boost in south African entrepreneurship has seen major increment. With more trade in European market CE mark in South Africa and ISO Certification in South Africa have increased with ISO registrations in South Africa. South Africa like its capitals has many regions with different potentials of business. Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg are prominent cities in the country. It is a growing economy and is also having good diplomatic relationships with world leaders. South Africa has huge potential as it bolsters on human resource and natural resource and is also having huge topographic advantage for trade.



South Africa holds the maximum deposits of platinum and other essential minerals of world, this makes south Africa as a mining nation with most of the profitability coming from natural resources. South Africa must enhance the health and safety of the mining industry with inclusion of certifications. ISO 45001 certification in south Africa has now become an essential to stand out in market. ISO 14001 certification in South Africa concerning Environmental aspects and its conservation has been seeing a upward growth as this ensures the protection and limited exploitation of the resources. The quality of the mining products also must be increased and ISO 9001 certification in South Africa.



Since South Africa has huge number of fertile land and the wine production is high in South Africa the food industry is booming. Like wise fisheries is also on a high growth this makes South Africa a region to look forward to international food safety standards. ISO 22000 certification in South Africa has been increasing and ISO 22000 certifications in South Africa have contributed in venturing into new markets. The Dairy industry is also a prime sector in agriculture and food processing as it provides job opportunities for any human resources, HACCP Certification in South Africa is helping industries to produce better food products.



South Africa has started aggressive approach in getting more investment in this section. There is an increase in the number of industries that are under manufacturing sector. ISO Certifications in South Africa which are availed by new industries have been benefitted with more investment in form of FDI, this in turn has created more employment opportunities in the region. Manufacturing industries in south Africa have been long catering to all other African regions and now the market is also seen as the gateway to world for southern African countries. The importance of Quality Management System in south Africa and its understanding has increased in recent times.

ISO 9001 in South Africa
ISO 27001 in South Africa


Since the country is expected to be the gateway to new business opportunities and has been the leader in Africa region from prolonged period South Africa is most favored nation to drive the rest towards a globally accepted standard. ISO Certifications in South Africa have been seeing great increase in the Iso registrations. ISO 9001:2015 certification in south Africa has been helping organizations to achieve the quality requirements required in international market. Since south Africa also has huge number of mining industries ISO 45001 certifications in south Africa has increased the acceptance of mining outputs in most of the nations. If any organization seeks ISO Certifications in South Africa they can register with CertPro for professional solution in achieving and maintaining of ISO standards. ISO Certifications in South Africa can be improved with expert trainings and implementation carried out by CertPro professional auditors.


Cape Town is the second major economic city of South Africa and the third most economic hub in Africa continent. Cape Town is witnessing the boom in real estate and construction this has made it obvious for the requirement of ISO certifications in Cape town to have improved system and bring up the confidence. Due to the construction industry ISO 45001 in cape town and ISO 41001 certifications in cape town has seen a drastic increase. The ISO certifications in Stellenbosch also has seen increased due to ISO 22000 certification in South Africa has seen a demand in food safety. The city also has huge number of consultants who offer various services like finance, real estate and construction hence in order to be competitive in market ISO certifications in Cape Town have helped a lot. Oil and Gas also has been a big contributor towards the GDP as the facility and extractions has been yielding more profits, ISO 51001 certifications in cape town have been used by these industries.

ISO Certification in South Africa

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