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Posted by All Asia Travel on January 29th, 2020

Hotels have more to do with the people who stay there than with the physical place. I lived in dumps where, because of the people there, I had fun and was in fantastic, luxurious hotels that bore me to death.

Although hoteling is about people staying in a location, the needs of a traveler are always better because the travel experience is enhanced. Here are some things to remember when trying to pick a good hotel: budget travelers are not better off having a natural inclination to go with the cheapest thing around. Seek not to save a cow, though, just to save a dollar. With rough beds, filthy showers and thinner pillows, super-cheap hotels are often unclean. Pay one or two extra dollars for cleaner and better rooms. Congratulations are going to be your body.

Check out late Never live in a hotel until 10 am with a checkout time. There are 11 am checkout times for the best hotels, and the really good ones let you check out at noon. On the road, sleep is worthwhile, because you never get enough of it. Early check-out hotels understand this and are often more comfortable and relaxing. There's nothing wrong with a hotel telling you to get ready and out early in the morning.

I want hotels that have flexible check-ins on the flip side of this. Many don't allow you to check in before 2 pm, but I like those who say "Okay, the bed is ready. Let's get in now!"Dowers push-button Just say no to showers push-button! They're annoying and they often don't have water pressure. You don't want the mid-soaping to shut off the spray. My rule of thumb is that I don't live there if a hotel has a push-button tub.

Free internet Although not all travelers need the internet, a hotel with free Wi-Fi and computer terminals makes life much easier.

A Bar Bars are not a deal-breaker, and without them there are plenty of beautiful hotels, but they make a great place to socialize with other guests of the hotel. Typically, if a hotel has a bar, they put a strong emphasis on ensuring that the people staying there have fun, connect and are festive.

Common area If there is no bar in the hostel, there should be a large common area. The best hostels are the ones that provide a spot for travelers to hang out and socialize. Common areas facilitate interaction and make it easier for individual travelers to meet people. The best hostels I've ever stayed in had a great common area at all times.

Competent staff Employees do any business, and I like that place much more when I find the hostel staff supportive, competent, and polite. A hostel is like a home, and as a long-lost family member, you want the people there to welcome you. I've never understood why hostels don't understand it's not about being a cheap place to stay, it's about building a warm environment.

The people are what makes hotels special, and if you meet good people, even the worst hotels will be fantastic. But I'm looking for hotels that have some of the above qualities in them to remove the people from the equation. In order to enhance your travel experience, there are hotels that know what you want as a tourist, not just taking money from you for a bed. I'd like to stay in a place to make sure I'm having a good time. For more information please visit www.allasiatravel.com

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