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Posted by All Asia Travel on January 29th, 2020

Isn't it tough when you're traveling all the time to have a relationship? Have you ever got a girlfriend? People often ask about my perpetual solo travels in response to hearing.

The brutal truth is that indeed, as you move, it is very difficult to have and sustain a long-term relationship. The perpetual singleness that goes along with it is one of the major downsides of long-term travel. You're never long enough to establish a lasting relationship with someone when you're always on the move. It's time for you or them to go just as it's about to blossom. But while relationships are hard to maintain, they do happen.

It is not difficult to find romance on the road, but it is difficult to find long-term romance. It was just too hard to keep in all my cases, as much as we try to keep it going with holidays here or a holiday there. Absence lets the foundder of the heart develop only for a certain period of time. It's missing after a while. Hundreds of travelers come together every day around the world and then say goodbye quickly as they pass to the next location.

It's difficult, but not impossible. While traveling, I met lots of couples. I even attended a couple's wedding in Thailand on a beach. But what makes these partnerships work is that somebody moves in the end, or perhaps they move together. But somebody is changing their lives–and you need to be prepared to do that.

While many people want to find the special person sitting on a Bali beach or wandering Paris streets. We have this idealistic notion of the romance of travel. The facts of your route, time tables, or flights often get in the way, however, and keeping things running is becoming much harder. Then one of you goes a different way.

And what's on the way for people then? What I consider "relationships with the target." You meet someone, you hit it off, and you're together for that place and time. The relationship ends when it's time for someone to leave.

Bonds are developing on the road very quickly, be it a friendship or a partnership. By getting in the way of "life," people immediately become the best friends. And, in this case, couples at once. You're not thinking about the future or the past of the person. You only enjoy the company of each other for as long as it lasts.

Destination relationships give travelers a chance to get in touch with people, but there is no baggage without all the complicated feelings that get involved so often. There is a specific date for starting and finishing. No nasty breakups happen. You still keep good friends.

People are traveling to explore the world for themselves, which is why even after they meet someone, so few people change their plans. Changing the entire trip around or stopping it entirely because of someone else is a big step. This puts a lot of pressure on the relationship, and most of the time, nobody ever wants to think "What if I've been traveling..." I'm a believer that if things are meant to be, they're going to work. When you meet somebody and it's meant to be, it's going to work. Perhaps not at the moment, but in the future.

Because you're going to make it work if you both feel the same way. You're going to find a solution. Travel romances are like all other long distance romances–intense, demanding and, unfortunately, with a horrible rate of failure. For more information please visit

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