Kim Kardashian Hollywood Gameplay Guide And Cheats

Posted by perry on January 29th, 2020

Kim Kardashian Hollywood is a mobile game, and it is about gaining popularity and does other things like wearing and purchasing clothes.

There are many types of missions available in the game, and players have to complete these missions to progress the game.

It’s a simple simulation game where the main character is totally under control of the players, and players have to do so many things to make the character popular.

Players can customize so many things in the game. Kim Kardashian is a popular personality and game also works in that way.

If you just started to play Kim Kardashian Hollywood game, then below some important information written below, that will help you to understand the game even more.

Guide To Gameplay & Progress

As I mentioned above that Kim Kardashian Hollywood is a simple game, and there are some major things in the game that players have to do in it.

  • The major objective of the players in the game is that they have to make their character popular, and for that, they have to do many tasks.
  • The first thing that players have to do in the game is that they have to make a character, and they have to make it completely ready.
  • Players can buy so many dresses in the game and customize the character totally. The tasks in the game are simple, and in some task, players just have to join parties, and it will help players to gain the popularity. Read more about kim k cheats and hacks from for best of game hacks.

In the missions, players also have to go on the photo shoot place where any type of shoot happens. In the shoots, players have to wear a new dress always, and it is important for the player to remember.