Furniture Buying Tips to Make a Small House Look Bigger

Posted by cityfurniture on January 29th, 2020

Having a small house doesn’t have to limit your options when it comes to furniture in Prince George. However, you do have to think about your decisions carefully. The last thing you would want to do is bring home furniture Prince in George that will make your small space feel even more cramped.  

With the right techniques in buying furniture in Prince George, you can make your small house feel and look bigger. We suggest following these buying tips if you have a small house:  

1.Buy furniture designs that are simple and not bulky.
When it comes to couches, for instance, those designs where you can see the feet of the couch looks better and more streamlined for smaller homes compared to the ones that are completely padded up until the foot. This gives the illusion of more space as you can still see the floor.  
Do the same with the other furniture that you need. Pick those that don’t have an excessive design that will take up more footprint or will engulf a space more.  

2.Invest in furniture pieces that can maximize corner spaces.  

Sectionals are great for small spaces contrary to popular belief. That is because sectionals can occupy a corner, allowing homeowners to maximize what space they have without limiting the number of people they can seat. Corner shelves and tables can also use dead spaces, so you have more space to store your things.  

3.The color of the furniture or the materials used matters.  

It’s not just the design and size of the furniture you should think about, also consider the color. Dark-colored wood furniture, for instance, can easily make a space seem heavy. If you put these furniture pieces in small rooms, they can make the space feel more cramped.  
If you are furnishing a small space, consider buying materials that are lighter. For wood, birch or white oak materials are some of the best options because they are lighter and they help brighten up the space.  

4.Choose multi-purpose furniture.  

When you shop for furniture pieces at stores like City Furniture & Appliances LTD, be sure to choose furniture pieces that are multi-purpose. For instance, you can choose a couch that has hidden storage underneath. There are a lot of furniture designs today that has hidden storage inside, so you can keep clutter at bay without buying more storage furniture like dressers and cabinets.  

5.Go for minimalistic furniture.  
Choose minimalist designs. Scandinavian style homes, for instance, make even small spaces appear more spacious.
Buying furniture is a commitment. You will have to live with that decision for a long time, so make sure you are happy with your purchase. Measure your space carefully and go over your choices multiple times before dicing on which one to buy.
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