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Posted by Employn Deploy on January 29th, 2020

Social media has extended diverse opportunities for us. It is a field of human activity that has been developed for our betterment. Working in this field means, you would possibly manage social media accounts across several channels, organize advertising campaigns to be promoted across social media platforms, or create online content with an interactive aspect.

The truth about social media jobs:

With the growing publicity of social media, promoting products and services on this platform is also becoming essential for every business. While there are several other jobs that have been established, and some of those titles can be quite confusing. People think they have the same responsibilities. However, that is not the truth. Every job has its own set of responsibilities in this field.


As social media is a new field, standards for technical certifications and requirements for licensing have evolved. It may be challenging to understand what your work really is, or what will be required of you if you are new to this field. All you can do is start browsing for keywords such as digital content, digital media, and online content to get through the concept.

In order to avoid such confusion, refer to the list below.

The few social media jobs’ titles which you can easily go for are:

  1. Social Media's Manager:

The head of the company is a relatively high-level position, and if this is the role for which you are employed, you would certainly be accountable for managing others. You are likely to be responsible for posts on several social media sites and accounts, especially for the timelines. The formation of these accounts or the timetable for updates might fall under your supervision in some cases. You may create content or track editors while designing a calendar of contents. You can also post or view a blog.

  1. Brand manager

A brand manager is involved directly in advertising. It is a role similar to being a brand ambassador. However, for the brand, you might be in charge of different social media groups and accounts. The clients can be more interested in the advertising and promotional aspects of social networking sites, rather than specifically handling messages and posts. For this type of position, the job titles of the marketing manager or brand manager can also be used.

  1. Creative director

Besides being a social media manager and brand manager at social networking sites, you can also opt for the role of a creative director. In this era of modern advertisement, social media has been playing a pivotal role in promoting advertisements and accumulating publicity. So, it is the duty or, more precisely, the job of the creative content director to choose the apt creative designs and contents for publicity and marketing.


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