Things to Consider Before Koi Pond Design and Installation

Posted by Andrea Skoch on January 29th, 2020

All gardens could benefit from the addition of a fish pond but there are many things to consider before embarking on building a new backyard koi pond designs colonia. It can attract fascinating wildlife like songbirds, butterflies, and others and also enhance the beauty of your “backyard landscaping woodbridge”. By getting the design right and having a good budget you will be half way to have a healthy sustainable pond that could almost look after itself.


Location is vital for your pond as it is always disappointing when you choose an unfitting location. It should be part of your planning. Make a strategy where your pond will receive a good amount of natural shading from the sun as it helps your fishes protected and healthy even when the sun rays are extreme. For well-devised backyard Koi pond designs, you may consult to professional pond builders.


Consider the space around it where you can add benches and chairs to enjoy the peaceful versatility of beautiful Kois. Look upon the perfect view, whether you want it to be visible from your patio or from the kitchen. Deciding the location carefully can result in wonderful outcomes. If you want the pond to be visible at nighttime, consider adding low voltage outdoor lighting around it.

Keep it away from trees and shrubs

Your backyard landscaping may have a number of trees and shrubs that you had planted before thinking of a pond. People often doubt if sitting a pond under a tree is a good idea or bad. According to BBC UK, shading is fine for ponds that do not support any wildlife but on the contrary, if you have fishes and plants in it, it is better to keep it away from shrubs and trees as they lose their leaves that eventually create debris and sludge in the pond water.

Electrical Outlet

Your pond will also need electricity. To keep the fishes alive and thrive, you are required to add an efficient aeration system to the pond. An electrical outlet is important because it facilitates the plugging of pumps, aeration systems, and low voltage outdoor lighting edison. This will also allow you to add additional decorative electrical features around your pond.


Before you can enjoy the sights and sound sitting before your pond, you should get ready for a major investment. Adding a water feature in the backyard can be complicated as well as costly with respect to installation and maintenance costs. If you have a tight budget, it’s better to contact professionals as they guide you about the ways you can cut additional costs. However, you may be ready for some obvious expenses like the purchase of filters, pumps, aerators, liners, etc.

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