What are the potential risk factors of different types of bowel diseases?

Posted by David Harper on January 29th, 2020

The bowel diseases belong to a group of gastrointestinal disorders, which cause inflammation of the digestive tract. Our digestive tract comprises of mouth, small intestine, stomach, esophagus, and the large intestine. The gastrointestinal system is responsible for carrying out the different digestive procedures in the body, which helps to breakdown the food particles into smaller substances so that the body is able to absorb the nutrients properly. However, due to the inflammation of any of the organs in the abdominal region, the person often suffers from different types of bowel diseases from time to time. Hence, to get rid of such health conditions in the body, one needs to identify the potential risk factors along with appropriate cures for the same.

So, here are the risk factors which are responsible for the occurrence of different kinds of bowel diseases in the body:


A family history of inflammatory bowel diseases often poses a threat to the other members of the family. It is quite often that people suffer from the same kind of bowel diseases that runs in the family genes.

Reduced immunity

The immune system is responsible for the normal functioning of the body. However, the failure of the lymphocytes to fight out the pathogens can cause the inflammation of the intestines. As a result, the person might develop severe gastrointestinal disorders in a short span.

Crohn’s disease

According to the research, around more than 2 million people suffer from inflammation of the gastrointestinal organs as a result of Crohn’s disease.

Excessive smoking habits

Smoking is not at all beneficial for health as it causes a lot of diseases in the body. One of the diseases caused by excessive smoking is ulcerative colitis, which leads to the development of different kinds of bowel diseases in patients.


People below the age of 35 years show a strong tendency in the development of bowel diseases.

Geographical location

The research studies show that people residing in the urban regions and the industrialized areas show higher potentials of development of bowel diseases than the people living in the countryside locations away from the industrial belt.


As a whole, bowel diseases can affect any person of any age group or gender. However, there is strong visibility of the tendency of the development of the disease in men more often than the females.

However, unhealthy lifestyles and living environmental conditions can also lead to the formation of bowel diseases in the people. In severe situations, people can opt for medications like generic mesalamine 250 mg only under the supervision of a doctor. Such medicines can help the patients to recover from the painful conditions as well as cure the disease completely.

Healthy lifestyles and preventive measures against the risk factors can potentially lower don the chances of developing bowel diseases in many people. However, in case the symptoms alleviate severely, then one needs to seek the services of a qualified doctor immediately.

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