Understanding Drug Rehab Marketing

Posted by Charles Davis on January 29th, 2020

What is Drug Rehab Marketing?

Drug rehab marketing is a complex mixture that demands extensive web marketing experience. The term is referred to in many different ways. Some of the same terms are addiction treatment marketing, substance abuse marketing, and marketing for drug rehabilitation centers. This informational guide strives to provide the most complete information on drug rehab marketing. They encompass the best resources on the web and valuable for CEO\'s, VP\'s, marketing directors and addiction professional outreach.

Organizations including drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers, opiate detox, sober homes, inpatient rehab, and substance abuse IOP will find this guide helpful. The paramount information covers marketing, drug rehab SEO, substance abuse marketing plans, drug rehab website development, search engine optimization, Google My Business, social media marketing, Google maps, backlinks, and much more.

Drug rehab marketing professionals know drug rehab SEO is a complicated process and involves many areas of expertise. Many recovery centers across the US have a poor drug rehab marketing strategy or no strategy at all. The small to medium-sized drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers are relying on a “boots on the ground”, or a buy rehab leads strategy. Many recovery centers are closing, and the remaining drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers can\'t get past a 50% census. We are seeing big players like Elements, Sovereign and Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches filing bankruptcy.

What are the best drug rehab marketing resources?

Drug rehab SEO is the best drug rehab marketing advertising strategy for several reasons. In this red ocean of competition with the addiction treatment centers closing, we are also seeing many new drug rehab centers popping up. Many are relying on Google AdWords and boots on the ground for their drug rehab lead generation strategies. These are the same marketing strategies used by the drug rehabilitation centers that have closed and filed for bankruptcy.

Many are making the same drug rehab marketing mistakes. The best educated recovery centers and sober homes will survive the extreme competition. Getting familiar with drug rehab marketing strategies and putting together a healthy marketing mix will provide the tools to long-term lead generation.

Best Drug Rehab Marketing Agency

When seeking a drug rehab marketing agency, it\'s paramount to be educated on drug and alcohol addiction treatment center marketing best practices. It is equally important to understand the outpatient rehab and inpatient rehab strategies that work while implementing drug rehab marketing to avoid costly mistakes. The information below provides in-depth information on drug rehab marketing agencies and what to look for when searching drug rehab marketing agencies.

* Facebook is an excel resource for drug rehab marketing.

* LinkedIn has many addiction professional advertising resources.

* There is a need for in-depth drug rehab marketing solutions.

* Where to find the best drug rehab marketing agency?

Best Drug Rehab Marketing Articles and Resources

Drug rehab SEO resources are needed to understand how Google works. It is the heart of drug rehab marketing. The centers must communicte with Google. This requires being educated in drug rehab SEO website development, on page SEO, and social media marketing. There are many steps for addiction treatment lead generation on the web. Not following critical area wastes a tremendous amount of an addiction treatment center marketing budget.

Website development is the biggest mistake made in addiction treatment lead generation. When starting your marketing plan for a rehab center this is the #1 mistake. Drug rehab website development is the foundation and must be put into place correctly in marketing strategies for rehabilitation.

Digital Darwinism is a sign of the 21st-century demonstrating that conducting business, as usual, will eventually force you to close your doors. There are many addiction treatment centers and behavioral health organizations closing their doors nationwide. The one thing they all had in common is that they suffered from Digital Darwinism.

They stayed with past drug rehab marketing and business strategies of a buy rehab leads mentality. They do not understand why drug rehab marketing is important and how to generate leads..These organizations should have learned from Google when addiction treatment ads were first banned on July 1, 2017.

Drug Rehab SEO Digital Darwinism Fuels Short-term Marketing Solutions

Drug rehab SEO vs. Digital Darwinism is when technology evolves faster than businesses can adapt. Drug rehab marketing is difficlut in itself. The substance abuse industry has ignored web marketing for short-term solutions to their long-term problem of maintaining a healthy census. Not realizing that the short-term solutions strategy has put them on a hamster wheel with their addiction treatment marketing.

They are forced to pay over and over again for the drug rehab lead generation. Many of the small to medium size recovery centers think that they cannot compete on the web with the big players spending 0,000’s every month. They can compete with proven strategies put into place properly. Many of these centers have also been burned by the large drug rehab marketing agencies with their cookie cutter option.

These agencies do not even rank for key terms for their own business like; drug rehab marketing agency or drug rehab marketing consultants. If they can’t rank their own business, how can you expect them to rank yours? Being educated on the many components of drug rehab SEO, knowing what to look for, and performing some of the SEO themselves will get the smaller centers on page one of Google.

Critical Business Areas

In any business, the #1 factor is generating revenue. In the drug and alcohol addiction treatment industry you generate revenue from drug rehab marketing and billing. Many recovery industry businesses think they have these two areas under control. These are critical areas that CEO’s must be extremely knowledgeable in.

In many cases organizations are leaving huge chunks of revenue on the table. Marketing dollars are being thrown and wasted on top of a poorly developed website with poor drug rehab SEO. In-house billing and unchecked substance abuse billing companies are costing centers operating revenue. If you aren’t getting paid in 14-days with some of your receivables, do not know how much is out in receivables, or have large amounts owed you may not be in business much longer. These are all key factors in addiction treatment center marketing..

Our industry is changing fast and the organizations that don’t adapt will not be in business. You will not be able to operate with lazaire fare strategies. Relying upon your marketing Directors and Outreach staff’s book of referral sources puts your organization at great risk. Many are simply shuffling the same referral sources back and forth. This is a short-term strategy that is causing many centers to close their doors.

Marketing Directors in our industry do not understand web marketing in general. They have risen to the position of Marketing Director because at some point they generated a referral base from boots on the ground tactics. What happens many times is that their referral sources dry up and they are let go because they have little value to the organization with drug rehab marketing. They have no marketing education or skills that provide value to the organizations. Judging from the many LinkedIn profiles we see daily, the average length of employment for Marketing Directors is about one year.

What to Look for in Drug Rehab Marketing?

A Drug Rehab Marketing Director position definitely says you are an addiction professional. As a professional, you should be skilled in every aspect of that position. This biggest chunk of that position is web marketing. Web marketing if executed correctly outperforms all other marketing combined. There are only a few small to medium size addiction treatment centers, detox’s, sober living facilities and sales/service organizations that have a decent web strategy. If your organization or agency are not on the first page of Google in the 3-pack or in the first three slots on page one organically for key longtail keywords you are not doing your job very well.

Drug Rehab Marketing Checklist

The top 40 drug rehab marketing checklist is a great place and one of the best drug rehab marketing checklists available. That is comprehesive advertising information for addiction treatment centers. As a CEO or Marketing Director you should be able to answer the following drug rehab marketing questions;

* Is our website structurally correct?

* Is the hierarchy of our website good for Google?

* Are the URL’s for our website correct for drug rehab marketing SEO?

* Does our website have an SSL certificate?

* Do we have schema incorporated into our website?

* Are our Google maps properly coded and placed on our website?

* Does our website have a site map and have we told Google it’s there?

* What is our list of keywords based on our organization’s services? And, out of those keywords which ones can, we easily rank for on the first page of Google?

* Do the main pages of our website have SEO for drug rehab marketing keywords?

* Is our website fast enough on mobile for the new speed update released on July 9, 2018?

* What marketing company is performing our SEO and have we recently looked at their performance? Do we rank in the first three slots of Google organically for any of the keywords?

* What keywords are we ranking for in the Google 3-pack?

* Do we understand Google analytics and how to use it to build our marketing campaign?

* What posts are producing the most calls from our call tracking metrics?

* How many calls are being produced by our drug rehab marketing agency?

* When was the last time we posted in our Google My Business?

* When was the last time we uploaded pictures in our Google My Business?

* Are we using Yoast to check the bare minimum for our SEO?

* Are the pictures on our website optimized for drug rehab marketing?

* Do we have a blog?

* Does our blog have SEO for our keywords? If so, what are those keywords and how many of the blog posts have made it to page one of Google?

* Is our blog attracting and engaging for our target audience?

* How are we building quality drug rehab marketing back-links?

* How many citations do we have?

* Do we have a staff page?

* Are we getting regular Google Reviews? If not, why?

* Are we using email marketing to professionals, individuals seeking treatment and our alumni? Are we emailing EAP’s, Labor Unions, Interventionists, Private Clinicians, Treatment Centers, Detoxes and more…?

* How many of our staff are involved in our social media marketing? And, what are the uniform messages we are using?

* Are we building a drug rehab marketing targeted and captured social media audience of professionals and individuals seeking treatment with our drug rehab marketing on Facebook and LinkedIn?

* Are you utilizing addiction treatment email marketing?

* Is our direct addiction professional, and individuals seeking treatment audience over 10,000?

* Are you utilizing the World’s #1 business networking site LinkedIn (500 million members)? Are you using any strategies on LinkedIn?

* Do we understand how to maximize Facebook (2 billion members)

* Are you driving 500-1000 targeted visitors (per article) to your blog posts?

* Do we understand and utilize your Google Analytics with our drug rehab marketing?

* Do we understand and use call tracking metrics?

* Are we doing Lunch and Learns at our center for EAP’s, Labor Unions, Interventionists, Private Clinicians and more…?

* Have we read the book on the top 50 drug rehab resources]?

* Are we tracking Drug Rehab Call Centers activity on treatment calls generated and conversions?

Understanding Drug Rehab SEO by Charles Davis

Drug rehab SEO professional Charles Davis LinkedIn profile loaded with drug rehab marketing information. Your drug rehab marketing and SEO are difficult to achieve. You need to start with a marketing plan utilizing many different areas. Not getting up to speed with Digital Darwinism could be a deadly mistake. Once you have set-up the proper foundation you need to drive your target market to your website. Many drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers, opiate detox’s, sober livings and behavioral health sales/service organizations do not have the proper foundation in place. Without the proper website foundation, you are wasting large amounts of money on drug rehab marketing. A website is like an iceberg only 10% of it is showing. The 90% underneath is the critical piece to be examined. Many organizations judge their website on how it looks. This is a critical and costly mistake.

Drug rehab SEO is extremely complicated and behavioral health organizations need to be educated on what needs to be done. SEO involves key search words, H tags, internal and external links, high PR back-links, citations, Google My Business, Google 3-pack, schema, site speed, SERPS, and this list goes on. While this article provides a healthy checklist for drug rehab SEO, there is much more. SEO is an on-going task and treatment centers must take on more of this role. We not only perform  marketing, but we also teach our clients to be able to perform many tasks needed for SEO. Give us a call at 561-235-6195 and ask about our 90-day program that also provides you drug rehab marketing and drug rehab SEO training.

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