Why Join the NC State Credit Union?

Posted by Jane Edison on January 30th, 2020

However, this means they miss out on the advantages provided by the NC state credit union and the truth is that there are many to be aware of. Many complain about banks, the high fees they have, interest rate and how they lack customer service, but the key is knowing that no one is chained to them.

Why the NC State Credit Union is Worth it?

When people open accounts at the NC state credit union, they become members and have voting rights. These cooperatives are non-profit and they do not have stockholders, so there is no interest in gaining a substantial profit. Pleasing members is the key and offering the best customer service experience. This means that many policies are friendlier and more acceptable, so that people have access to them and can open accounts, obtain loans, credit cards and more.

What is more, credit unions work with people that have lower credit scores and they can be forgiving in certain situations, for instance when you overdraw the checking account. In case you are in an unfortunate situation, perhaps being unemployed for a certain amount of time, unions are able to work closely with members and find the best solutions for them. This does not happen at other financial establishments, as in many locations, representatives do not want to help people, they have nothing to gain from it or they are simply not allowed.

Why the Best Banks in NC are Missing Out?

The best banks in NC are investing considerably in advertising campaigns and they want to attract as many clients as possible. This way, they make profit from fees and interest rates. However, not everyone is satisfied with them and seek something different. It is possible to benefit from lower fees, because credit unions do not hesitate to offer this possibility. In general, you will not encounter ATM fees and transfer and overdraft fees are lower as well. Saving money is no longer an issue, because if you come to think about it, you spend considerably on fees.

Taking into account that unions are not focused on making profits, they are able to provide lower interest rates for loans and higher ones for savings accounts. Further discounts are available, but this varies from union to union and it is best to discuss with a representative. Some believe that unions do not have a range of products and services and they cannot benefit from advanced financial technology, but it is not the case. Internet and mobile banking are provided to all members, including all necessary products, such as loans, savings accounts, credit cards, insurance and investment opportunities, and more.

Qualifying to join the NC state credit union might be an issue to some people, especially since back in the days these restrictions were harder to achieve. The good news is that things have changed and nowadays it is no longer an issue. Some are able to become members simply by living within a location, going to school there, work or worship, having a family member already registered. These rules apply so that unions stay close to the community and are able to help whenever there are certain cases. For instance, they make donations and organize charity events, offer scholarships.

People can rest assured that their money is in good hands, meaning that money within credit unions is guaranteed by the NCUA (National Credit Union Administration). Even if the credit union fails, every account is guaranteed and no one loses their money. Whenever you look for a union to apply to, make sure it is registered and your money is guaranteed, in order to avoid any unpleasant situations. It is always recommended to read all terms and conditions and know what fees apply to your account, what services you have access to, and what are your rights and obligations.

The best banks in NC have been around for many years and they know how to attract clients, by advertising in many ways and offering access to applications, special offers to products and services and such. However, when you look into detail, it is not that beneficial to become a client, as you are charged considerably for everything you do and you are not able to identify some terms and conditions, only after you encounter them as you use financial services.

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